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GENESIS | Little Liars Council

The first 555 of three series of NFT's created to grow, advocate, inform, and earn. We are bringing together a place where the 99% investors can have a chance to be a part of a FUND + GROUP FINANCIAL GROWTH plans without being taken advantage of, or "pumped" while pushing the core message of the Little Liars = Telling Scammers What We Really Think!

The Genesis Collection earns the holder:

✪ A 'seat' at the voting table where the votes are 1/1. ✪ Larger % of bonuses and payouts. ✪ Priority placement on collaborative drops or lists. ✪ 'Insider' style access to trading experts, Wall-Street analysts. ✪ One-on-one trading with expert traders.

Three collections in total connected to the one fund:

✪ Liars Genesis Council ✪ Little Liars Full Collection ✪ Little Liars Signatures

There is unlimited growth potential, but with a model that is triggered by performance over deadlines we will grow as fast as we need to.


The Little Liars Genesis
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