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The WonderPals NFT Collection

The WonderPals NFT collection is a beautiful digital collection of 10,000 digital characters. The digital collectibles of WonderPals are available on OpenSea, and the official launch date was on the 26th of February, 2022. The mint price was 0.08 ETH, which was low for the time.

While there is no specific storyline or lore related to the project, WonderPals is a compilation of 10,000 delightful WonderPals characters supported by an ever-growing community of Discord users. WonderPals has a strong community of NFT holders with access to this favorite project. They indulge in discussions, and member-exclusive events called "WonderPals Wednesdays" are held weekly.

WonderPals NFT Collection: A Glance at The History

The Team Behind WonderPals

Mina is the founder, the lead 3D artist, and creative director of this dynamic yet alluring NFT project. Mina is a career-oriented freelance artist with a career tenure spanning over ten years. She has worked for Tiffany & Co, Target Corporation, and Pinterest in the past before getting onboard the NFT rail with her idea of WonderPals.

Mina has nourished her skills related to the customer experience by working for some of the greatest corporations. Before coming to the NFT world, she was an expert in marketing and customer relations.

With this experience in hand, she has beautifully curated the WonderPals to attract users to invest in this dynamic NFT project. She is the project manager of operations for WonderPals and has contributed a fair share in the making of WonderPals.

Bueno is the lead developer of this NFT project. The Robotos & WonderPals team from this developer is working continuously to improve the Web3 outlook and the user interface of the WonderPals website. The artistic work of WonderPals is due to the invaluable talent of Mina, followed by the expertise of Bueno in the development sector.

The approach of the founder, Mina, withthis specific NFT project, is optimistic while creating charming and colorful characters for WonderPals.

Theme Line of WonderPals NFT Collection

WonderPals NFT is not based on a thrilling story format. Rather, it is about the elegancy and positivity generated from the 10,000 digital collectible items of the collection. Optimism and positivity are the theme points of this dynamic NFT project.

The founder wants to instill features of positivity and optimistic characteristics using these enchanting and cute digital collectibles of WonderPals. The uniqueness of this NFT project is that its scope and membership is not limited because it has no specific storyline.

Therefore, investors of any age can easily invest in this NFT project and participate in the amazing community discussions and any event happening on Discord or in the real world. The idea of the founder and artist is that she will keep on making these wonderful and colorful digital collectibles to increase the size of the community.

Furthermore, the founder is also keen to open an online gift shop where members can buy merchandise, clothing, plushies, and stickers related to these digital collectibles. Therefore, it will be a never-ending roller coaster ride as the new characters of WonderPals will keep coming from the artist, and consequently, the community will also expand.

The more you collect them, the more you have a say in the community discussions and vice versa. The WonderPals NFT collection is one of its kind, owing to the interesting and lovable characters of the digital collection.

Impact Made on NFT Market

WonderPals have seen market growth akin to the top performers in the NFT world. During the pre-sale and the public sale of the WonderPals NFTs, OpenSea sold all of the 10,000 unique, digital collectibles.

Since launching the NFT project on February 26th, 2022 with an initial floor price of 0.08 ETH, the floor price has increased significantly owing to the number of sales by using the Bond Curve pricing method. The Bond Curve pricing method states that the floor price of ETH will increase with the increase in the number of sales of the digital collectibles.

The current floor price of a digital unit of WonderPals stands at 0.19 ETH. Furthermore, the total volume traded on the OpenSea is 10.1K ETH, which is amazing given the one-and-a-half months of time frame. Furthermore, fees have been kept minimum to attract investors and provide them with better opportunities.

A smart contract has been developed based on ERC-721, validating the trade of WonderPals tokens on OpenSea. The market statistics of WonderPals show that it is here to make a big impact and stay around for a longer duration.

Creating A Massive Community

Investors with any digital asset or token of WonderPals can join the WonderPals community through the Discord channel. Interestingly, the developers keep on engaging the active community, which has proved to be the best way of increasing the strength of the community in only a two month period.

More than 12,000 members are currently part of the Discord community of WonderPals, and they meet regularly every Wednesday under the banner meet of "WonderPals Wednesday." Furthermore, IRL events are also held to engage the members. Moreover, new artistic ideas are also taken from members regarding new digital characters.

Defining The Future Course of WonderPals

One reason the future favors WonderPals is because the Discord community of this NFT project is increasing significantly. Furthermore, the founder has promised to keep on producing these lovely cute characters to build a stronger community.

Regarding the roadmap, an online shop of merchandise and other digital items related to the digital character is also in the pipeline and will be launched soon. The community has set a precedent for continual interaction by organizing virtual meets every Wednesday, adding utility and a social aspect for member’s who hold these NFTs.

WonderPals NFT Collection: Concluding Remarks

WonderPals is one of the unique NFT projects in the NFT world and over a short period it has developed an immense following. Moreover, the floor price has increased steadily since the initial sale of the 10,000 digital collectibles of this project.

The founder has increased the stakes and excitement for the members by ensuring that the characters will keep on coming, and an online shop is also in the works. For many people, WonderPals is a great platform to kickstart their NFT journey.

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