Weaving digital spaces with physical places, tradition and culture.

400 Drums is a campaign dedicated to supporting Indigenous Elders, artists, language speakers and tour operators to harness new online platforms to monetize their skills while shari

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May 31, 2022 Date of first mint
0.11 Avg mint price
0.12 Highest mint price
0 Avg Price (7d)
0 Volume (7d)
100% minted 368 / 368
28 (7.6 %)
25 (6.8 %)
24 (6.5 %)
15 (4.1 %)
15 (4.1 %)
7 days ago
161 owners
1 month ago
160 owners
6 months ago
158 owners
Category name Values Most frequent
Drum Images 29 Prayer Flags [Black Light]
Background 9 White
Diamond Tile 5 Black
Geometries 3 Vesica Pisces White
Top Left Artist Signature 2 Tamara Goddard
444 Eagle Feather 1 Genesis Eagle Feather
Top Right Syllabic 1 Cree Hello_Greetings
Bottom Left Syllabic 1 Cree Welcome


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