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Alien Frens NFT Collection

Alien frens is a community-driven collection of 10,000 randomly produced ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Its goal is to create the most extensive collection of frens in the metaverse, and so far its enjoyed a lot of success.

Having an Alien Frens provides holders with lifetime access to a “unique friendship” that comes with several benefits. Some of the perks of the community include: invasions – where Frens invade planets and collect HUGE prizes via an online tool, exclusive apparel and product drops, a new stake-able token, a FREE to holder V2 collection, UFOs to cruise the galaxy in and access to the game pipeline.

One of the best aspects of the project is that Alien Frens roadmaps are updated quarterly. After listening to members and absorbing community comments, the team makes improvements to give Alien Frens as much continuing value as possible.

In addition, Justin Bieber is a well-known NFT investor in the collection. The superstar shook up the NFT market when he bought an Alien Frens NFT shortly after "spending" 500 ETH on a Bored Ape NFT.

The Alien Frens NFT cost him 2 ETH, and as word of his celebrity NFT purchases spread, Alien Frens' floor price swiftly climbed to 3 ETH.

Alien Frens NFT Collection: A Brief History

The Inception

Alien Frens is a group of 10,000 alien NFTs traveling back to Planet Fren across the metaverse.

There are 4,000 green commons, 3,000 yellow semi-rares, 2,000 purple rares, and only 1,000 red ultra-rare aliens in the project. Alien Frens roadmap 1.0 runs from December 2021 to February 2022, promising a 30-page comic and the launch of the FRENS token before the publication of roadmap 2.0 on March 3, 2022.

The project will issue every roadmap quarterly, so keep an eye on this page for changes when new roadmap versions are released.

Alien Frens and FULL SEND teamed up to develop the FULL SEND X Alien Frens NFT collection in February 2022. Alien Frens revealed their Q2 Roadmap on March 3, 2022, which included "UFO Mint Day," "Fren Coin,” and “Staking Launch."

The Unique Launch

Alien frens is an NFT project that encourages fans to form lifetime friendships with 10,000 Alien Frens in the metaverse. It has the goal of establishing the healthiest community in the NFT space, and works hard to create a welcoming environment for its owners. The collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain is a generative NFT collection, meaning it was produced at random from a series of traits and attributes.

Aside from developing a healthy community, the project features several upcoming activities that NFT holders are looking forward to. A few examples are unique products, comic books, in-person events, the exclusive FRENS Token, and a snazzy Profile Picture (pfp) NFT for social networking sites.

The project's current floor price is .48 Ethereum (ETH), with over 26K Ethereum exchanged in total sales volume. These beautiful aliens comprise a popular NFT project that has gained a strong following among fans.

The Categories

The Alien Frens NFT collection is divided into four groups. The groups have varied values depending on its rarity and other characteristics:

  • Ultra rare (1,000 Alien Frens NFTs)
  • Rare (2,000 Alien Frens NFTs)
  • Semi-rare (3,000 Alien Frens NFTs)
  • Common (4,000 Alien Frens NFTs)

If you wish to invest your money in NFT collections, only be willing to risk what you can afford to lose. But some NFTs, like Alien Frens, have proven to be a good investment for savvy investors and NFT collectors.

If we check the collection, we notice that the prices steadily increase. As a result, minting an Alien Frens NFT would have been a good investment considering their initial price was 0.02 ETH, significantly less than the current floor price: .48 ETH.

Alien Frens has grown to become one of most significant communities around the NFT globe, with over 57k members on their Discord.

Alien Frens NFT Collection: The Floor Price

Alien Frens' current price floor is 0.48 ETH, with a 24-hour trading volume of 45.148 ETH and 62 sales. Alien Frens' price floor has dropped 15.19 percent in the previous 24 hours. The 7D average sale price is 0.8692 ETH, with 2.00 ETH being the highest and 0.463 ETH being the lowest. With a floor cap of 6,000 ETH, the project is presently rated #73 on NFT Price Floor. It has an 11.41 percent listed ratio and a maximum supply of 10,000.

Alien Frens NFT Collection: The Community and Project


Alien Frens has gained 30,000 Twitter followers despite being a relatively young enterprise. Furthermore, prominent figures in the NFT business, such as entrepreneur Gary Vee, are backing the initiative. Consequently, the Frens' Discord group now has over 20K members who receive special sneak peeks, giveaways, and other benefits.

The Alien Frens NFTs roadmap is unique and provides IRL utility for members. For example, the team is hosting a special Los Angeles event for all holders on January 15. We'll also see the first themed streetwear drop towards the end of the month.

Furthermore, the premiere of a 30-page comic book will take place on February 15. The narrative will reveal the fascinating universe of Planet Fren.

Meanwhile, on February 28, the Frens token will be released. Even though the team hasn't revealed any specifics yet, this launch will undoubtedly improve the project's total worth.

Alien Frens appears to have a lot of promise, with so many intriguing things to come. As 2022 progresses, the team will release additional exciting features, unique prizes, and community charity donations.

Alien Frens NFT Collection: The Future

NFTs featuring extraterrestrial creatures have been popular in the NFT world, and Alien Frens is showing a lot of promise. As a community-focused project with numerous intriguing features still to be released, it’s no surprise the NFTs have sold at a high price.

This project's community is active and enthusiastic, and the project's main goal remains for everyone to make friends with one another. As a result, this is a highly effective collection of NFTs that will grow into one of the friendliest NFT communities in the future.

Alien Frens NFT Collection: The Crux

Alien Frens has swept the NFT community by storm, quickly becoming one of the most popular NFT projects. With its ambitious plan, fashionable looks, and strong community, Alien Frens might be the next big thing in avatar NFTs.

If you're seeking a good return, the Alien Frens NFTs might be an excellent investment in 2022. These adorable extraterrestrial digital avatars have only recently landed on the Ethereum blockchain, yet they're already making a big splash in the market.


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