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The Alpha Kongs Club is perfectly created with top-notch attention to detail — a digital collection of 8,888 collectibles. It is not just a fancy NFT collection but a complete ecosystem of DeFi-based synchronization and P2E (Play to Earn) games for its members.

Furthermore, you can estimate the ecosystem diversity from the fact that it offers an array of different methods of making passive income by holding the digital collectibles of Alpha Kongs Club. The attention to detail is one of the most exciting and thriving attributes of the collection created by the lead artist and developer.

Alpha Kongs Club: Unleashing the History

About The Founder and Lead Artist

Anthony Sieber is the lead creator of the Alpha Kong collection and the digital artist behind this dynamic NFT project. Anthony is known for creating visual dragons in the world-hit series of Game of Thrones. Moreover, Anthony is assisted by two other professional experts in the field of VFX: Tom Herzig and Ricardo Alves.

These three men have long been associated with the entertainment industry and are art enthusiasts, creating top-notch visual artworks for television series and movies throughout their careers. This team of three individuals has worked in very highly famed production projects like Star Wars Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Game of Thrones, Star Trek Discovery, Rogue One, and many other blockbuster hits from the entertainment industry.

With their tremendous experience in the entertainment industry, this team of artists, under the command of Anthony Sieber, is set to create a tidal storm in the sea of the metaverse. The founder artist is a perfectionist, and his attention to detail is the backbone of this NFT project.

Furthermore, the way of incorporating and enhancing the strength of their digital community is also a hallmark of the founder and his dynamic team. The founder has a long-term vision regarding this NFT project and has introduced new dimensions by creating play-to-earn games and a tribal system for making passive incomes.

Storyline Of Alpha Kongs Club

The Alpha Kongs Club storyline starts 200 years ahead of the human race, and they are not known to be hostile creatures. Rather, their general characteristics are based on the mountain gorillas, who have a 98% resemblance to the human DNA.

They live in a tribal system, and each tribe works to enhance the outcomes of the ecosystem. A social cause is attached to the goals of the Alpha Kongs, and as the name suggests, they are thriving to become the Alpha creatures of the metaverse.

The storyline will continue with the increase in the number of tribes and new characters by the team of highly-skilled artists. There are 8,888 digital characters in the Alpha Kongs Club metaverse divided into four different tribes. A passive income is also generated for the members of every tribe and also by playing different games to earn Alpha coins.

Alpha Kongs Club on The Market Watch

Alpha Kongs Club digital collectibles are traded on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Currently, the floor price of a digital asset of AKC is 0.395 ETH. It first launched on 1st February 2022. The floor price has increased from the previous price of 0.365 ETH.

Furthermore, within the period of 1 month, there has been a total of 5.2K ETH volume traded for this NFT project. Therefore, the market condition predicts that the Alpha Kongs Club floor price will likely keep on increasing with the increase in the number of sales.

Future Of Alpha Kongs Club

The future of the legendary Alpha Kongs Club is definitely Alpha, as the developers have made it their primary goal of reaching the top of the OpenSea market. The Discord community of this NFT project is also diverse compared to the rest of the NFT projects.

The AKC NFT project has a unique festival for all the tribes, and they can participate in the community development. Moreover, the developers have ensured that they will also create more tribes and characters in the near future. Thus, the expansion of this NFT project in the metaverse is undoubtedly a reality.

The continuous expansion and the unique tribal system of making passive income in the metaverse is the major attraction point for this project's investors. It will keep on expanding in the digital world and will bring together the members of the Discord community in the crypto space.

Alpha Kongs Club: Final Verdict

Alpha Kongs Club is a new yet major player in the NFT space. Currently, it has 8,888 digital collectibles belonging to any one of the four tribes of the AKC ecosystem. Apart from earning through digital tokens, members are also entitled to make passive income by becoming a part of a tribe. Hence, this project is a head start for investors looking to make their mark in the NFT world.

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Alpha Kongs Club

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