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Azuki NFT Collection

The Azuki project is a recently launched NFT project with 10,000 tokens of digital anime characters. This digital token collection's launch and the public sale started on 12 January 2022. This is the perfect NFT collection for investment if you are an anime fan.

The community ownership for the members of this NFT collection is the topmost attribute of becoming a part of this digital world. Azuki sales have made an immense impact in the digital world of NFTs and have challenged the top crown holders, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Azuki Team

Four anonymous members of the Chiru Labs created Azuki. The core team of Azuki is sub-divided into an artist team and a developer team. The lead founder of this anime content platform is a software engineer with previous experience in a decentralized finance platform.

The news is that this anime-style NFT collection's design lead is an ex-Facebook engineer with vast experience in working on character design challenges. Under the command of the lead artist, this NFT world is transforming the future of metaverse and has stood a high ground against all the odds.

The developers know that the demand for anime art is increasing in ETH NFT worlds, which is the driving force behind creating this dynamic NFT project. The Azuki tokens are created by the core members of this team based on the dual-token model.

The developers have orchestrated a storyline based on a garden and have created a community through the empowerment of each member in the community. Exclusive digital drops and culture fuse have been incorporated along with the Azuki design to expand the dedicated community and take over the top spot of the cool NFTs projects.

All the core members of the development of this NFT collection have backgrounds in crypto and have taken that essential experience in creating this wonderful BEAN collection.

History Of Ideas and Storyline of Azuki

The storyline of this NFT collection depicts the human history originating from a bean garden. Every digital character coming out of the bean represents diversity in the culture of this metaverse.

The members of this NFT metaverse are called the skateboarders of the internet. The culture of skateboarders has been introduced to make it more appealing to the younger entrepreneurs and to create an investment fund.

Under the storyline, the developers have raised the slogan that all own, and all the individual members will have a stake in community suggestions. The design of these digital collectibles revolves around the 7-stage NFT design principles.

The vision and mission behind the project are to create a unified community of individuals not just confined to the metaverse but also expanding in the physical world. The developers have created every one of the 10,000 human beans into an avatar of skateboarders.

The developers have created the collection based on the "idea of dope shit" and to be the perfectionist in the field of NFTs.

Sales Performance After Launch

According to the cryptocurrency news, the sales volume of Azuki has been enormous in a very short period. Currently, the sales volume is standing at a whopping 28.6K ETH only after two months of launch.

The biggest news regarding the popularity of the Azuki NFT collection is that it was completely sold on the flash sale in four minutes and collected $29 million with the starting price of $3,400 for each digital collectible.

The average price of these digital collectibles increased exponentially in a few days. The current floor price of the digital avatars is $40,000, which is significantly higher than the starting price when the developers launched the collection.

Azuki has the highest number of sales in the 24-hour trading volume. Accordingly, Azuki has ranked number eight according to the volume of trade it has done on the digital technology platform of OpenSea.

Azuki has managed to pull a trading volume of $350 million within 30 days of its distribution period, surpassing the record of other top communities in the NFT world.

Bringing Games into Azuki Metaverse

The developers have discussed ideas with millions of readers in the Discord community and have come forward with significant developments.

They have proposed a distribution plan via participation in the games similar to that of Doki Doki branded games. This decision of expansionism has not been taken by the developers alone as all the members are owners of this project according to the vision and mission of this NFT collection.

Therefore, the indulgence of games similar to the Doki Doki NFT games into this metaverse is the joint decision of community leaders and the community of people who are members of the Discord community.

Ever since the breaking of this news, the Azuki price per digital collectible has seen an outstanding increase. With the addition of Doki Doki limited NFT games, this could continue, and it is best investment advice to look at this collection for future purchases.

Predicting The Future of Azuki

The future of Azuki is bright even though it has declined in sales volume by 66% in the previous few weeks. Sales volume is not the only criterion to judge the prospects of an NFT project.

It is the community engagement and new dimensions that keep the NFT metaverse in continuous expansion. The addition of IRL events, merchandise, collectibles, and Doki pool are all playing a significant role in the development of the community.

The developers have made every member of the community an important factor by undertaking all the community suggestions. Even though the volume of sales is going down according to sale mechanics, newer additions to the Azuki metaverse will create more excitement among the members and new investors.


Azuki is the latest tidal wave in the ocean of NFTs. It has sent ripples straight to the top crown holders such as Bored Ape Yacht Club. The intriguing aspect of the Azuki collection is that it may eventually have a play-to-earn mechanism that could earn holders passive income.

Furthermore, the community has been empowered to make decisions with consensus. Therefore, the developers are not the only ones behind the propulsion of this dynamic NFT project. You can also choose the opportunity to join a team of Azuki in the physical world by opting for Azukis’ careers.

The addition of gaming features has also set great precedence, and the floor price of these NFT collectibles generally is increasing.

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