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Beans -Dumb Ways to Die NFT Collection

Beans by Dumb Ways to Die is an NFT (Non-fungible token) collection of 10,000-item collection of Beans NFTs. The Dumb Ways to Die NFT collection was launched in February 2022. Dumb Ways to Die is an Australian public campaign whose theme song was composed by the leading advertising agency McCann Melbourne in 2012.

The official video of the theme song went viral and has garnered millions of views. The major purpose of the animated music video was to raise awareness regarding safety measures while using the public transport system. In the viral brand video, McCann Australia used humanoid beans to educate commuters regarding safety awareness methods.

The campaign video and the stakes of Dumb Ways to Die were acquired by PlaySide Studios in 2021. PlaySide used the 3D avatar bean collection to create Beans NFTs. Furthermore, PlaySide Studios have hinted at launching an upcoming game in the NFT world based on the humanoid beans collection. When the game launches, it could have a similar impact as the viral videos of Dumb Ways to Die.

The upcoming game of the Dumb Ways to Die NFT collection is one of the major appeals for the collection owners of these digital collectibles, and perhaps more than a million followers of the theme song of Dumb Ways to Die are eyeing the launch of this upcoming game into the NFT world.

Background Of Dumb Ways to Die NFT Collection

Developer Of Beans- Dumb Ways to Die NFT Collection

Historically, Dumb Ways to Die started as a public campaign based on a theme song. The introduction video of the theme song was developed to instigate safety awareness among the masses while using public transport in Australia. It was launched by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia, in November 2012.

The song and the safety video composition were created by McCann Melbourne, an Australian advertising agency. This viral brand video of the theme song from Dumb Ways to Die was aired in more than 28 countries around the world, and it has amassed a total of more than 450 million views and 350 million downloads on the YouTube channel to this date.

The development process for the Dumb Ways to Die animated music video was carried out by the lead artist, Patrick Baron, who created the bean characters in the viral video. The theme song had a lasting impact on commuters, and there was a 30% reduction in accidents on Metro trains. In the controversies of 2013 video censorship in Russia, the Dumb Ways to Die was banned on the complaint of Artemy Lebedev, who is a leading blogger in the country. Despite the takedown of the official video, it was still aired in more than 50 cities in Russia and garnered millions of views.

In October 2021, The Dumb Ways to Die franchise was acquired by PlaySide Studios for $2.25 million from the Metro Trains. After acquiring Dumb Ways to Die, PlaySide Studios launched digital collectibles of 10,000 token beans, marking the moment when the famous bean characters from the viral brand video were transformed into a dynamic NFT collection.

RoadMap Of Beans NFTs

The 10,000-3D avatar digital collectibles of bean characters were released on February 3rd 2022, with the debut mint price of 0.3 ETH. This digital collection on the Ethereum blockchain sold out in a few days, and the discord channel of Beans NFTs collection owners increased significantly.

The idea behind the launch of this collection is to create a “Bean Land” within the metaverse realm that will lead toward a strong community in the real-life spectrum. The bean holders will be given different opportunities to grow within the discord community. Furthermore, the developers of the Dumb Ways to Die NFT collection are also onboarding celebrities and influencers to interact with the collection owners.

The Beans- Dumb Ways to Die NFT collection has added Beans Pets in the NFT collection to increase the prospects of the Bean Land. Only collection owners who have two token Beans are eligible to participate in the Beans Pets mint. The storyline states that the Beans Pets require two Beans NFTs to look after them. Therefore, holders of two Beans by April 22, 2022 were eligible to add Beans Pets to their collection.

The final phase of this collection is the upcoming game from PlaySide Studios in line with the Dumb Ways to Die collection of 3D avatar characters. When the game launches, the collection owners will be able to use their digital collectibles within the gaming arena and earn many rewards.

Market Statistics of Dumb Ways to Die NFT Collection

The initial mint price of Beans NFTs was set at 0.3 ETH for each collection piece. With the increase in sales and the inclusion of the cheapest beans- the Dumb Ways to Die collection, the average floor price increased to 0.5 ETH.

However, the previous month saw a sharp decline in the trading volume of the Dumb Ways to Die NFT collection. With the downward trend in market statistics, the current floor price of Beans NFTs stands at 0.046 ETH, and the total volume traded so far is 3.5K ETH.

Therefore, this collection is currently experiencing a downward trend considering the market stats. But even with the slump, the developers of the Dumb Ways to Die NFT collection are working to expedite the game launch of Beans NFTs as soon as possible to impact the market.

Mapping The Future of Beans NFTs

The future of the Dumb Ways to Die NFT collection is uncertain since the average mint price has fallen to 0.046 ETH, significantly lower than the initial mint price of 0.3 ETH. However, the upcoming game launch has given hope to collection owners.

All eyes are set on the game release that will be playing an instrumental role in steering this project out of its downward trend. If the upcoming game launch is successful and brings more utility to Beans NFTs holders, then the collection could have a chance to rebound.

Final Thoughts

Dumb Ways to Die has been a favorite throughout the globe since its launch in 2012. Due to its popularity, it was acquired by PlaySide Studios, who stepped into the Web 3 metaverse with the Bean characters used in the official video of the theme song. But while the Beans NFTs got off to a good start in the NFT marketplace by selling out their collection, its floor price has decreased significantly since mint.

Only time will tell if the Dumb Ways to Die NFT collection developers will be able to revive their NFT project based on the Bean characters. Until then, collection owners of Beans NFTs remain optimistic as they wait for the launch of the upcoming game that will hopefully increase the floor price of their digital collectibles.


BEANS - Dumb Ways to Die


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