Bored Bananas

This Bored Banana is one of 4,027 unique Bored Bananas minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. This NFT accrues $BANANA tokens over time. For more information, visit us at

Jul 16, 2021 Date of first mint
0.05 Avg mint price
0.05 Highest mint price
<0.01 Sales floor price (7d)
0.01 Avg Price (7d)
0.01 Volume (7d)
Bored Bananas Bored Bananas
100% minted 4k / 4k
262 (6.5 %)
47 (1.2 %)
44 (1.1 %)
41 (1.0 %)
31 (0.8 %)
7 days ago
1,851 owners
1 month ago
1,851 owners
6 months ago
1,854 owners
Category name Values Most frequent
Sticker 140 2177
Peel Inside 27 Light Purple
Banana 26 Red
Peel Outside 25 Robot
Background 8 Yellow
Visitor 4 Ants
Traits Count 3 4


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