Learn more about Bored Mummy Baby Waking Up NFT

Bored Mummy Baby Waking Up

A collection of 3,888 unique BMB from Gratitude Drop

Gender: Baby Girl & Baby Boy

Background: 4 different colours

15 different type properties & more than 88 traits

You need Bored Mummy Baby (BMB) for future activations and perks that the community will unlock through roadmap activation.

When you receive our Bored Mummy Baby,πŸ’• Please print it out and decorate them in your children's rooms. Let them watch over your children and tell them about mummy's story. Guess how much this BMB will be worth when your children have grown up? Cherish every moment with your loved ones.πŸ’• Bored Mummy Baby Waking Up (BMB)πŸ‘Ά

You can only buy a baby on opensea now.

For more information join our discord group: Bored Mummy Discord

Bored Mummy Baby Waking Up
NFT Trait List
Rarity Verified

13 trait categories

(93 traits)