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C-01 NFT Collection

C-01 is a symbol of the merging of the worlds of fashion and digital ownership. The project came from the hands of Gilberto Zaragoza, the designer for Warner Bros. C-01, is a project of 8,888 NFTs designed and developed by creative and experienced designers and developers. Exclusive digital collections featuring well-known apparel companies will be made only for C-01 holders.

Beauty comes in various forms, sizes, skin tones, and religious beliefs. We chose to dress up as four distinct nationalities, each with their clothes and accessories. Each non-fungible token has its characteristics and factors that distinguish it from the others.

C-01 NFT Collection: The Purpose

The C-01 project aims to connect the fashion business with digital collectibles, paving the way for the future of fashion in the metaverse. The group emphasizes this notion even more by offering a utility for their holders, from which they will profit immediately, rather than creating a "play-to-earn" or metaverse that will never satisfy.

When you purchase a C-01, you are purchasing a digital collectible, but you also receive access to the vanguard of growth in the metaverse's fashion business.

The group plans to produce unique digital collections with well-known apparel labels that will be available only to C-01 holders. The community presence and experience in the NFT, metaverse, and general decentralized blockchain ecosystem will directly assist fashion companies worldwide.

C-01 NFT Collection: Members

Gilberto Zaragoza

His profile describes him as a digital artist born in Mexico. He has been working as a professional since 2012 on projects for companies such as Blur Studio, Aaron Sims, Warner, DC, Disney, Marvel, Bandai, WarGaming, and Televisa. He works as a 2D and 3D artist in various fields doing colors for graphic novels, 2D and 3D Art for animated films, and art directing.

Luis Monteiro

A fashion designer from France who has worked for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chloé. He has been working with Louis Vuitton's LVMH company for two years.

Dr. Kevin Haddad

A plastic surgeon from France. He contributes to the project's model of harmony — the one who created all of the four nationalities' facial features.

Kevin Didelot

As a competent contract developer and security specialist, Kevin is the backbone of the operations. And wow, does he have evidence that he understands what he's talking about.

Kevin has spent three years working for the National French Bank and helped found Metasafe, a smart contract auditing and infrastructure security startup.

C-01 NFT Collection: Statistics

There have been 160 sales of C-01 Official Collection NFTs in the past seven days. Recently, the C-01 Official Collection had a total sales volume of $48.78k. One C-01 Official Collection NFT recently cost an average of $305. There are 4,898 C-01 Official Collection owners out of an 8,888 token supply.

C-01 NFT Collection: The Purchase

The sale of the C-01 8,888 NFT collection was for 0.25 ETH. Everything following you needs to know about the sale of the C-01 NFTs.

Pre-Sale Whitelist

The safelist pre-sale began at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time on January 14, 2022, with a cap of two NFTs per wallet.

For the safelist mint, there were 2,000 safelist places and 4,000 NFTs offered. Over 1,000 safelist positions have already filled up, so you'd have had to wait for fewer than half of the safelist spots if you wanted early access.

The team offered these prerequisites to safelist in the #how-to-whitelist channel in the C-01 NFT Discord.

Public Auction

On January 14, 2022, the C-01 NFT public auction commenced for 0.25 ETH. Because the Discord community grew in the first few days of its inception, many expected the public auction to sell out quickly.

C-01 was also developing a lottery system to reduce gas costs as much as feasible. The raffle registration period began at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time on January 13, 2022, and ended the same day.

Secondary Market

C-01 NFTs are, of course, accessible after an introduction on the secondary market.

C-01 NFT Collection: Roadmap


The 3D models' facial expressions took more than two months to construct to make them seem natural and human. The group then collaborated with the team to create the NFTs’ outfits, including the materials and textures.

The objective was to push the boundaries and create an ultra-realistic aesthetic using elaborate garments and textiles. The avatars resemble real-life models in the metaverse.

Event of sale

The 8,888 NFT collection was available for purchase straight on the team’s website. The recommendations from the team said, “Please only utilize the links supplied by our social media accounts or the Discord channel. Our holders' security is our main priority.”

Thus, the team spent a lot of time working with its cyber security specialists to safeguard and defend its website from any attacks or scams and produce the most gas-efficient ERC-721 token possible.


You can tell the character, race, and dress style you successfully minted after the team revealed the artwork. Your NFT's rarity rank is easily accessible through the two significant rarity services — Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper.

Success in the Metaverse

The team also wrote, “We will construct the token economics for our ecosystem one week following the mint. Our ambition is to be the metaverse's first premium clothes designer. With our 3D model avatars, we will assist luxury fashion businesses worldwide in showcasing their digital collections.”

Player One, Get Ready

The team will implement itself in Sandbox and Decentraland after a few successful agreements. They’ll put together a virtual fashion show with all of its partners, broadcast live on social media. The idea will be to recreate a famous fashion parade in the real world and turn it into an incredible digital experience.

C-01 NFT Collection: The Crux

C-01 NFT has grown popular among NFT investors, and based on the number of individuals entering the C-01 discord forum, more than 250K investors attempted to purchase C-01 on January 13th. C-01 was on sale to the general public on January 14th at 3 p.m. UTC.




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