Learn more about CashGrab NFT

Cash Grab is the first project being launched by our company Cyphage - a collection of 5,608 unique NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Inspired by our friends at Neon District and Age of Rust, we took a dive into creating a new project in the NFT space akin to Apes, CryptoPunks, and other similar NFT projects. We wanted to go beyond collecting and start creating.

We believe that NFTs can simply be art and collectibles. We also think utility is fun and there are a lot of interesting ways to play with NFTs. Part of the Cash Grab project road map is to provide mechanics for holders to combine multiple types of Cash Grab NFTs together to create a Grabatar.

In addition to this, each Cash Grab NFT grants membership to the Cash Grab Club, consisting of benefits such as airdrops and exclusive puzzles. These NFTs also serve as an early access ticket to a future Cyphage project launch. More information can be found at https://cashgrab.io

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