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Clementine's Nightmare NFT Collection

Clementine's Nightmare is a game project in the NFT world made up of 15,000 tokens of game heroes and game villains. The developers launched the 15,000 tokens in two separate phases: The first phase is the alpha phase called the "Genesis,” and the second phase is the beta phase with the launch name of “Eclipse.”

The first phase of this game project launched on February 18th, 2022, and the Genesis tokens sold out in a record timeframe. The tokens were the heroes and the monstrous creatures from Clementine’s Nightmare. The mints can be used as game NFTs using the mechanism of a play-to-earn game.

The storyline behind the NFT game project is that nightmares have haunted Clementine and they are trying to take over the world. Therefore, she must fight back to protect her world from these monstrous nightmare creatures.

"Eclipse," the second phase of Clementine's Nightmare, was launched on April 7th, 2022. The holders of Genesis Clementine's Nightmare were provided a head start in the minting process of Eclipse. The beta phase was larger than the earlier collection and consisted of 10,000 Clementine's Nightmare tokens.

Clementine's Nightmare play-and-earn game is still in the pipeline, and it is launching soon. The developers of this project have given holders exclusive and early access to the game. Moreover, the game testing feature will also be a unique opportunity for the holders of Clementine's Nightmare NFTs.

Unfolding The History of Clementine's Nightmare

Founders And Developers of Clementines Nightmare

There are four founding members behind the Clementine's Nightmare project. Clement is the lead founder and has years of experience in digital artwork and cartoon character creation. Furthermore, the co-founder, Josh, is the lead developer of Clementine's Nightmare.

Josh has 25 years of experience in the development sector, and he brings onboard creativity to the Clementine's Nightmare project. He is the development force behind this dynamic project. Alex Dalton is another founding member of the NFT project.

Alex is behind the creativity and the storyline of Clementine’s Nightmare. Jonathan is the legal counsel for Clementine's Nightmare project and has diverse experience in the crypto industry. Together, these four individuals have created this dynamic project.

Petrol is the game creator working in conjunction with the developers of this project to create a play-to-earn mobile game. You will see the Nightmare NFT P&E game coming soon in the NFT world. Petrol has a myriad of experience creating many AAA games like Call of Duty and others. Furthermore, Petrol has more than 1500 games in its game development portfolio.

Breaking Down the Storyline of Clementine's Nightmare

Clementine has a nightmare that monstrous creatures have invaded her world. She gets to realize that her horrifying nightmare has been converted into reality. Clementine’s Nightmares are the monstrous creatures who have turned her world upside down. Therefore, she and her friends have to fight back to prevent Clementine’s Nightmare from taking over the world.

The Clementine’s Nightmare play-to-earn game is going to be one of its kind in the NFT world. The official game launch of Clementines Nightmare is yet to be announced, but the Petrol team and the founders are working to drop the public game launch as soon as possible.

The characters of both "Genesis" and "Eclipse" will be incorporated into this mobile game. Also, users will be able to earn INK tokens from the three versus three bouts in the game services. The INK tokens are the game currency and can be used to unlock different features and rewards in the game. Moreover, airdrops of INK tokens are exclusively provided to the Nightmare holders.

Market Statistics of Game Heroes NFTs

The first phase of Clementine's Nightmare was launched on February 18th, 2022. During the launch, the price per mint was kept at 0.05 ETH. Since the complete sale of the Genesis phase, the average price of these tokens has increased significantly.

Furthermore, the increase in the number of characters and 500 traits in the second phase, "Eclipse," also boosted the market value of this project and the average price of every digital collectible in this NFT project increased after the beta versions' launch. The current average price of a single collectible of a Clementine's Nightmare NFT is 0.12 ETH.

Moreover, additional INK tokens are also provided to the legendary Nightmare holders of Clementine's Nightmare. These game services have increased the market worth of Clementine's Nightmare NFTs. The game packs of Clementine's Nightmare tokens are the major crunch for the community of this project.

The total trading volume of this project reached 4.3K ETH in a matter of a few months, and the public sales trend of this project has been rising as the developers work continuously to bring about more utility to Clementines Nightmare NFT holders.

Unleashing The Promising Future of Clementines Nightmare

The project owner has signaled the official game launch in a few months after the successful minting of the second phase of game hero NFTs. Furthermore, a Project Neighborhood is also in the pipeline containing limited 3D collectibles of Clementine's Nightmare.

The holders of both the Genesis phase and the Eclipse phase will automatically be inducted into the raffle of Project Neighborhood. Furthermore, the holders of the Project Neighborhood collection will have the chance to play the Clementines Nightmare game early.

Lastly, the drop in INK tokens can be used to purchase more NFTs and are also significant for in-game purchases. The continued utility provided by the developers has had a lot do with the successful project, and there is tons of community engagement and hype surrounding the public game launch.

The market statistics of Clementine's Nightmare are also on a positive trend, making the holders of Nightmare tokens more optimistic regarding their investment in Clementine's Nightmare NFT project.

Closing Thoughts

Clementine's Nightmare is a unique earn-to-play game project in the metaverse with a well-thought out storyline, creative artwork and characters, and an in-game currency – INK tokens, which can be used to make in-game purchases.

Time will tell if Clementine's Nightmare NFTs will continue to be a successful project, but the Clementine Nightmare NFT developers and holders are certainly optimistic about the future. If Clementine's Nightmare can continue its popularity in the NFT gaming world, the sky could be the limit for this collection.


Clementine's Nightmare


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