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Creature World NFT Collection

Creature World NFT is a collection of 10,000 Creatures inspired by Danny Cole's physical Creature World paintings. The NFTs have varied backgrounds, creature designs, decorations, eyes, foreground, mouth, and attire.

“The Creature World is an imaginative location that I enjoy visiting and would want to share with others. Entering such other states, such as dreaming, has tremendous beauty." Danny Cole has said.

Danny Cole is a 21-year-old American artist living in New York City. He is well-known for his fictitious planet "The Creature World." The Creature World offers endless adventures through visual art, live encounters, and community initiatives.

The Creature World also provides access to Creatures Lab, a creative lab that investigates the modes of how someone interacts with artwork while utilizing Web3 technology. Through a series of interactive art projects, the lab hopes to foster a spirit of creative exploration. The lab's most recent creation is the Traveling Creature token.

Creature World NFT Collection: A Brief History

The Introduction

In The Creature NFT Discord group, Cole stated that he was very deliberate about the NFT features and permitted combinations of traits to keep each NFT "looking like a window into a completely formed universe."

NFTs and the metaverse are ideal settings for his vision to come to fulfillment. This metaverse has even begun on the Creature World website. According to a Twitter thread, Cole found NFTs in September of 2020 and had published a few 1/1 pieces to understand more about the technology.

He then discussed how he worked hard to bring art to the masses, "flooding" New York City with posters and paintings on streets and putting on immersive exhibitions to ensure that his Creature world was "never far away."

The project has 4,700 owners and approximately 15,000 users in its Discord group. The project's Twitter account has 12,100 followers as well. Cole was very open with his followers about how the project would be coined (pre-sold) and indicated that he didn't reserve any assets for his team so that his followers had a fair chance of receiving them.

The entire process of his debut is noteworthy and something that many of us do not devote enough time to analyzing. We must remember that some dubious project founders are only interested in making a fast buck and moving on.

Danny Cole has repeatedly proved via words and acts that he is not like that, and this is one of the most significant attributes he possesses which running an NFT Project. Many of us get wrapped up in roadmaps, rarity tools, gas expenses, and other details. We neglect to look at the person behind the project, who is ultimately accountable for its long-term viability.

Cole may continue to invite others into his visions and universe using the widely spread NFT space as a canvas. Viewers have filled the Discord group with their interpretations and responses to the digital art they now own. Some users have even referred to it as a "family."

Creature World NFT Collection: The Future

Unlike other initiatives with a clear roadmap, Creature World has remained tight-lipped about its future goals. Cole has stated to the NFT community that he has been planning Creature World’s future for years.

"Danny and his crew want everything to be a surprise for us and to keep anticipation and enthusiasm high as we uncover the following phases," a Creature fan said on Medium.

Since Shaq's profile pic changed to a Creature NFT, Creatures sales have reached high in the millions. This represents a 1,164 percent spike over the previous day. Creatures have the third-highest daily sales volume on CryptoSlam in the last 24 hours since Shaq bought in and the tenth highest in seven days.

Creature World has a total sales volume of 35 ETH as of May 16th.

Creature World NFT Collection: The Crux

When a community is willing to keep its NFTs for the long term, demand rises organically, providing astronomical returns to all early members. Creature World is a magnificent NFT collection that has made it thus far much social media fanfare or shout-outs from renowned individuals.

The community entirely drives it, and if that continues, we will see amazing things from this collection. To learn about this collection, join their Discord server and interact with as many people as possible.

In the world of celebrities and athletes, purchasing non-fungible tokens is nothing new. When a well-known athlete acquires a recent NFT project and changes it to his Twitter profile photo, project's value and trading volume instantly increase. In the case of Creature World, Shaq was the athlete that raised the NFT collection’s profile.

Rarity Ranking

Creature World

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