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CryptoDads: A Detailed Overview of the Latest NFT Project

Meta Title: CryptoDads: An NFT Collection for The Dads

Meta Description: CryptoDads focuses on the dads of the crypto industry and relies on the artwork rather than the rarity levels. Find out more now.

CryptoDads NFT collection is destroying the charts less than a year after its inception. This brilliant NFT collection went on sale to the general public on September 10 and has since sold out. As the name indicates, the collection has struck a chord with crypto's "dads." This collection of unique art pieces is now one of the hottest NFT projects in the market.

The collection of dad avatars started at 0.07 ETH per coin and has now risen to a 1.2 ETH floor. Surprisingly, the selection is ranked 19th on DappRadar's top collections by 30-day trade volume. This follows a roughly $31 million sales volume in the previous month. So, how could a new collection accomplish so much in such a short period?

CryptoDads: A Brief Overview

CryptoDads is a compilation of 10,000 distinct, randomly created NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a similar graphic style to the cartoon sitcom “Bob's Burgers.” According to the creators, each dad went through a personal crisis and ended up in a terrible hole of shit coins and costly rock jpegs. Some got away with gems, while others were never found.

CryptoDads: The History

The CryptoDads NFT Project is mainly a humorous take on dads in the crypto industry. After CryptoDads NFT Project Co-Founders saw that there were a lot of dads on Crypto Twitter, the initiative was born. The founders and the rest of the team then decided to take action humorously.

According to the founders, it was never intended to be as important as it has become. Regardless, the compilation immediately became a fan favorite. The team used a picture of Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation to create the base design. The works were then enhanced by Leya, the project's creator. JCrypto, the project's co-founder, began reaching out to NFT aficionados in various groups shortly after. The rest is history.

An international organization dedicated to men's mental health, Movember has received a $30,000 donation from the project. Moreover, the co-founders also want to give more charity to the organization in the future.

CryptoDads: The Rarity Levels

When it comes to some of the most popular NFT collections, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club or the CyptoPunks, the rarity of the NFTs has been critical to the project's success. The greater the value of an NFT, the rarer it is.

Rather than the comparative rarity of work, the artwork is the selling pitch for CryptoDads. People are genuinely relating to CryptoDads and developing an emotional attachment to them, which the creators love to see since they have an emotional attachment to them as well.

This emotional connection is strong within the CryptoDads community. The initiative has developed a strong network concerned with more than just the value of their goods or their ability to sell them. The CryptoDads Discord channel features roughly 50 user-created sub-channels and has over 34,000 users.

Stocks, sports, and even being a real-life dad are all covered on these platforms. The latter includes dad jokes, dad memes, dogs, the garage, and more. There are other channels dedicated to educating people who are new to the world of NFT.

These channels cover all of the fundamentals of getting started in the NFT realm, with video explainers for each step and a unique experience. Members may also ask any questions they have or seek assistance with any problems they are having.

CryptoDads: The Roadmap

CryptoDads offers more than just a clean Discord channel. The team has established a strong plan that will be useful in the long run. For starters, they've released special CryptoDads apparel, which includes t-shirts, beanies, hoodies, and even newborn baby outfits.

They also want to provide exclusive VIP merchandise for CryptoDad users. Moreover, all NFT token owners will be entered into a lottery, with one fortunate winner receiving a 2021 Ford Raptor. Similarly, the founders and the team have promised to donate to mental health charities across the globe continuously.

CryptoMoms is planned to start in mid-October, according to the NFT project. Sneak peaks have already been released on social media by the team. These NFTs will be free to mint for all CryptoDad owners on a one-to-one basis.

They will also offer reproducing in the long term. Unlike most other collections, the CryptoDads team has made a positive step forward where breeding is only possible if you have a male and female avatar. Anybody can obtain one CryptoTot with two CryptoMoms, two CryptoDads, or a CryptoDad and CryptoMom.

The project's completely transparent community wallet is yet another fascinating feature. The funds in the wallet will be invested in whatever the audience votes for during polling. This might include, among other things, new CryptoDads products, contributions, and events. Furthermore, all money from merch sales goes straight to this wallet.

CryptoDads: The Future

The CryptoDads NFT collection's reputation has skyrocketed, thanks to its innovative artwork and strong community support. Musical artist Steve Aoki and Denver Broncos player Brandon McManus are among the celebrities who have joined the CryptoDads bandwagon. According to OpenSea, the biggest selling was for OG Dad #8334, a rare NFT in the entire collection. It was sold for 35 ETH, which is about $111,400. FrankenDad #4191, on the other hand, was sold for about $50,000.

The CryptoDads team has a lot of new things coming up very soon, so the community has a lot to look forward to in the long run. A blockchain-based Lawn Mower Racing game and metaverse connectivity and collaborations with collegiate and professional sports teams are all in the works. The company is committed to the long term. Since the outset, the team has prioritized longevity, openness, and engagement. CryptoDads will evolve into a brand and lifestyle over time, rather than just another NFT initiative.




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