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DeadFellaz NFT Collection

DeadFellaz is a collection of 10,000 digital collectibles that utilizes Ethereum blockchain technology. It was launched in August 2021 with a unique minting process in which the first 2,000 collectibles were minted on a first-come, first-served basis, and the rest of the 8,000 digital collectibles were up for public sale.

Betty and Psych are the lead founders of this project in the crypto space. Maddy Kenyon is the 3D lead artist behind the creative digital artwork of these 10,000 digital collectibles. This project has been the talk of the town ever since its inception for several good reasons.

The community trading activity of this NFT has increased despite the extreme price swing in the NFT space (not a metaverse) during October 2021. The DeadFellaz NFT collection has a dedicated community of 300 followers on Discord and Twitter due to the continuous efforts of the developers. The active leadership team has engaged the community with derivative contests and community contests.

Uncovering The History of DeadFellaz

About The Founders and Lead Artist

Psych is the leading 3D artist and a founding member of this dynamic NFT project. Apart from a digital artist founder, this team has another hard-working co-founder in Betty Pop. DeadFellaz co-founder Betty works round the clock for community engagement and to come up with the latest ideas to upscale this project in the cryptocurrency market.

Betty works to make a strong community of DeadFellaz NFT holders. She has vast experience as a co-director of a creative production agency, resulting in dynamic artistic values and team management potential in her.

On the other hand, Psych is an enthusiastic artist with years of experience in the artwork sector. These artists have created the best of the DeadFellaz collectibles. With a complete grip on the respective skill sets, this team has made this project one of the most thrilling projects in the NFT metaverse space.

DeadFellaz Metaverse Integration

The developers of DeadFellaz have merged it with metaverse by purchasing 24 Decentraland plots. The artists have used 300 different traits and showcase them in the rarity index. The rarity index of DeadFellaz is relevant, but not in terms of the collection’s Decentraland estate development.

Following are some of the key traits that have meaning in the rarity index in the digital collectibles of DeadFellaz:

  • White Glasses
  • Blue Stripe Shirts
  • Black Glasses
  • Pink Glasses
  • Grey Bucket
  • Physical Colorways
  • Pilot Jacket

The traits are not limited to those mentioned above but are as many as 300. It is one of the best cryptocurrency projects due to the team's continuous efforts. DeadFellaz collaborations and competitions have created a strong community.

The contest winners are awarded free NFTs and many additional prizes. Furthermore, guest artists are also part of the community, and the co-founders find them by putting up raffles for members.

DeadFellaz NFT Collection Statistics

DeadFellaz has performed exceptionally well within the NFT realm. It all started with an initial mint price of 0.025 ETH, and now the floor price of a digital collectible of DeadFellaz stands around 1.28 ETH.

After the initial minting of DeadFellaz, many high-profile celebrities started investing in it, including Elijah Wood. Elijah Wood’s DeadFellaz NFT is regarded as one of the rarest of this collection. Due to his purchase, the 7-day average price of DeadFellaz sky-rocketed.

The highest sale of a single DeadFellaz token has been recorded at 35 ETH, and as of May 16th, the total volume of trade has accumulated at 28.1K ETH. If we consider the trade statistics of DeadFellaz, we will conclude that it has performed magnificently well despite market fluctuations.

DeadFellaz Community Contests

The developers have put forth great emphasis on the community development and engagement of DeadFellaz NFT holders. The active leadership team has adopted that methodology to enhance the community trading activity.

For instance, a Metaverse Halloween party was organized by the leaders of the Discord team. A token-gated Metaverse Halloween party only allowed the NFT holders of DeadFellaz to take part in the party. The Halloween party showcased the works of artists Jasmine Solano, Tim Baresko, and WUKI.

Apart from this party, another event was held where 13 lead artists were there to create a unique and time-limited edition of DeadFellaz NFTs. The song contest was another key milestone in the history of community collaboration of DeadFellaz. In the song contest, the team told the community members to submit a song related to the theme of DeadFellaz. The contest winners were awarded an airdrop of Deadfellaz tokens.

Sketching The Future of DeadFellaz

There have been many ups and downs in the crypto space and metaverse. Despite these occasional ups and downs, DeadFellaz is one of those finely-curated projects that has maintained its price for digital collectibles without any significant drop.

Therefore, the future of DeadFellaz seems to be on the right track. Furthermore, the dedicated team of DeadFellaz has created separate channels for considering the suggestions and feedback of the community.

According to crypto market news, the leadership team of DeadFellaz has mapped out their future goals regarding the growth of DeadFellaz according to the recommendations of the community members. Hence, the artists of DeadFellaz pay heed to the recommendations of the community members.

The developers engage the community in the decision-making process to chalk out the future events and increase the community trading activity of DeadFellaz. Moreover, the lead artists of DeadFellaz have also made a cryptic announcement hinting at new events.

Final Thoughts

DeadFellaz is a well-regarded blockchain technology project. The digital collectibles of DeadFellaz have unique traits and are ranked according to a high rarity index. The DeadFellaz NFT collection statistics are useful in determining if you want to invest in this NFT collection.

The active leadership team of DeadFellaz has one goal in mind: to create a strong community of DeadFellaz NFT holders where they can interact and work together positively. For this purpose, the leadership team of DeadFellaz organizes community contests for the members of the community.

The contest winners are awarded free NFTs, and many other benefits from these derivative contests. Thereby, the floor price of DeadFellaz has stayed above 1 ETH for quite some time. It is indeed a high-grossing project.




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