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Doodles has grown into one of the most prominent and well-liked NFT projects in the world in just a few months. The bright line-drawn figures NFT assortment has practically overtaken the globe and is among the top PFP (profile-picture) NFT collections in both appeal and unit sales.

Doodles NFT Collection: A Brief History

The Initiative

Evan Keast, Scott Martin, and Jordan Castro produced Doodles, a compilation of 10,000 generative NFTs. Tulip, Burnt Toast, and Poopie are the team's professional aliases, respectively, and are used as author names for the NFT collection.

Keast and Castro were already quite popular and well-versed in the NFT world before Doodles. In 2017, they also assisted in developing the iconic NFT project known as CryptoKitties. Martin has been minting his pieces for over a year and establishing his image inside the NFT realm.

The "Doodles NFT collection" incorporates original work by Martin, who generated hundreds of distinct visual characteristics for the series. However, in the end, the effort followed in the footsteps of precursors such as CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, and Cool Cats by arbitrarily combining and blending these unique features to produce the entire Doodles collections.

Humans, Kittens, Pickles, Apes, Intelligent Flames, Skeletons, Aliens, and more exist in the Doodles NFT environment. Doodles NFTs occur in varying degrees of uniqueness, characterized by their features, as is the case with virtually all generative avatar collections.

The Doodles team has never publicly published a list of the rarest and most common features. On the other hand, Skeletons, Kitties, Aliens, Apes, and Mascots have managed to resale for the largest prices.

The Unique Launch

The Doodles collection was launched by Keast, Castro, and Martin on October 17, 2021, with an initial price of 0.123 ETH per mint. The mint price was regarded to be somewhat outrageous at the time. Before Doodles, most PFP projects had mint prices of less than 0.1 ETH. The Doodles founders, on the other hand, chose this market value to secure an initial capital of 420 ETH.

During the project's launch, Doodles did something that appeared to have never been done before by a PFP initiative. The Doodles team shuttered the Doodles Discord server around a month before the initiative went online for minting when membership counts had reached a little over 1,000. This made it such that no newcomers could join, giving the project's membership an added layer of exclusivity.

This move was met with mixed reactions because it essentially granted whitelist access (priority minting) to a small number of people. Nevertheless, as the Doodles mint date approached, the project's popularity grew. Furthermore, the choice to shut down the Discord server was viewed as a novel approach to thank early NFT project supporters.

Market Growth

The Discord channel was relaunched soon after the complete supply of Doodles sold out, introducing a wave of new enthusiasts and aficionados into the group. In the weeks following this relaunch, a slew of NFT influencers and big-name celebrities joined Doodles as collectors, cementing the project's status as among the top trending PFP NFT groups on the planet.

While many avatar projects claim to be community-focused, Doodles appears to have been all about motivating its users from the beginning. Owning a Doodle and voting on group recommendations "makes the roadmap communal," according to the Doodles homepage. This aspect of the project has been increasingly evident in recent months due to its voting process and the pro-artist/anti-scam atmosphere.

The Voting Process and Unique Atmosphere

Doodles' whole ecology is essentially one DAO. Therefore, every Doodles owner has a say in how the DAO operates. Keast explained how the DoodleDAO treasury would function early on, claiming that 1 Doodle = 1 Vote in all of the DoodleBank’s choices.

Doodles participants have had the opportunity to vote on suggestions for Doodles team scalability, Doodles live engagements, sponsoring a 3D Doodles initiative, and more thus far. The Doodles Forum and Doodles Discord provide an additional level of discussion for each suggestion.

Doodles immediately has become the basis for several copycat and knockoff products as among the most popular projects on the marketplace. Keast and the Doodles team seem to have foreseen this problem since they had already incorporated a derivative permission mechanism in their Discord.

Designers were encouraged to submit formal ideas for projects that were based on the primary Doodles set. Numerous Doodles community initiatives have been voted upon, with compilations such as Noodles and Pukenza resulting directly from the 1 Doodle = 1 Vote mechanism.

A scam warning line was also added to the Doodles server, encouraging people to "see something, say something." A large number of fake accounts and activities have been submitted there, and it appears that the channel has aided in the prevention of a lot of unauthorized Doodles knockoffs and possible frauds.

Doodles NFT Collection Future: The Space Doodles

The Doodles floor price stayed between 1 and 5 ETH for months following its inception. Nevertheless, by the end of 2021, things had picked up steam. Keast and the rest of the Doodles group started releasing small cartoons around this time, hinting at something fresh on the way.

This resulted in a surge in secondary sales, including some of the most significant sales ever. When a project makes a significant revelation (e.g., Nike acquires RTFKT) or releases a collector’s prize, there is usually a sudden increase in trading volume. Doodles NFT collection, though, has managed to keep the buzz going even a month after its announcement. So, what was the big news? Space Doodles.

Space Doodles is a new collection related to the main Doodles project. While Cool Pets, Bored Ape Kennel Club, KingFrogs, and others have helped collectors of their parent projects profit, Space Doodles appears to be a little different.

Rather than releasing a new collection of NFTs to complement their existing collection, the Doodles team plans to build a system that will allow Doodles owners to exchange their NFT for a new, spaceship-themed one.

Doodles NFT Collection: The Crux

Given that Doodles was just founded a little over a year ago, the project's and its three founders' achievements are astounding. As of May 16th, the collection currently stands at roughly around 129,000 ETH volume traded.

While Doodles has a long way to go before they're considered a true candidate for the PFP NFT crown, the accumulation of colorful characters has unquestionably captured the hearts of endless NFT fans.




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