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Learn more about Gutter Cat Gang NFT

The Gutter Cat Gang NFT Collection

The Gutter Cat Gang NFT collection (not to be confused with a Gutter Cat Gang DAO) is a USA-based NFT project comprising digital collectibles. The NFT (Non-fungible Token) project has garnered support and significant growth on OpenSea. Starting with 3,000 NFT collectibles of cats, it has expanded to three other species: rats, pigeons, and dogs, each having 3,000 NFTs that double as membership tokens.

Gutter Cat Gang: An Overview of The History

Foundation Stone

Three brothers, Gutter Dan, Gutter Mitch, and Gutter Ric, founded Gutter Cat Gang and all of them have technological experience. The collection was launched on 8th June 2021. The ETH blockchain technology was used as a base for this NFT project. The founders have made these NFTs available on the Gutter Cat Gang website and OpenSea.

Dan, Mitch, and Ric have created and drawn every one of the three thousand Cats with unique features. The Cats have various rarity levels due to the distinctive 123 unique features related to furs, eyes, mouth, shirts, hats, necklaces, beards, background, and earrings.

Inception Of Storyline

It is the year 2050, and the human race has abandoned the society on Earth in the aftermath of an apocalypse. In this post-apocalyptic world, the cats have taken over and created autonomous zones in Earth (which later may include metaverse development) under the name of “Gutter Cat Gang.”

They are expanding their community by cloning methods and holding their throne in the newly created autonomous zones. Gutter Cat Gang is the world ruled by cats in the metaverse, and humans are considered an interplanetary species.

Now the cats have taken over; they are all set to increase their influence on the other species in the Gutter Cat Gang universe, which are Gutter Rats, Gutter Pigeons, and Gutter Dogs. These three species form the base-level membership of the Gutter Cat Gang.

The cat tokens enroll you into the premier membership. The premier membership has an array of benefits within the community development and will have more say in the future courses of action.

A Distinctive Launch Pattern

Unlike other NFT projects, the Gutter Cat Gang has followed a rather irrational approach for the launch. Rather than use a bonding curve pricing mechanism, the Gutter Cat Gang team followed a flat rate for the GCG mint.

Each digital collectible of Gutter Cat Gang was released at the price of 0.07 ETH, plus the transaction fees required to complete mint. After the founders completed the minting process of all the 3,000 cats, they were available on the OpenSea on the Ethereum blockchain rather than on other blockchain solutions.

Roadmap by The Founders

A roadmap for the community of the Gutter Cat Gang event has been laid out as incentives for the community members. The Gutter Cat Gang roadmap is devised on the percentage of sales of digital collectibles.

  • Once the 25% sales are made, the Discord community was established where the members would be able to interact with each other and say their word in the community development.

  • After completing 50% sales of the Gutter Cat Gang digital assets, a bunch of randomly selected members was given printed frames of their Gutter Cats.

  • Once the selling rate hits 75%, an exclusive merch line was released, which the members can buy from the Gutter Cat Gang's website. The merch items include shirts, dad caps, and other clothing accessories.

  • When 100% Gutter Cats were sold out, an exclusive version of the comic book was released, and random owners of the Gutter Cats received both digital and hard copies. Furthermore, every Gutter Cat Gang Community member was entitled to avail of tokenized versions.

Future Plans of The Gutter Cat Gang

The Gutter Cat Gang is exploding and increasing at a significant rate. The Gutter Cat Gang started with 3,000 digital collectibles of Gutter Cats. But the prospects have increased as the current number of digital assets has swelled to 12,000 by including three different species: Gutter Rats, Gutter Pigeons, and Gutter Dogs.

To increase the community growth of the Gutter Cat Gang, Gutter Juice has been introduced, which will be used in the cloning process. The owners of the Gutter Juice can use it to create a clone of Gutter Cats, Gutter Rats, Gutter Pigeons, and Gutter Dogs. In this way, the community will see significant growth over time.

Furthermore, the Discord has provided every member of the Gutter Cat Gang to raise their opinions in the making of the Gutter Cat Gang metaverse. As an owner, you will have a say in the formulation of the Gutter Cat Gang metaverse, known as Gutter City.

Gutter Cat Gang: Final Thoughts

Gutter Cat Gang, which came into existence less than a year ago, has emerged to make a strong impact in the 3D metaverse. With the continuous development and the addition of more NFTs, the future of Gutter Cat Gang is bright and promising.

Currently standing at a volume of over 20K ETH, the Gutter Cat Gang is expected to expand and raise the market volume. Therefore, it is a vital chance for newbies to bag a slot in the Gutter Cat Gang before the minimum value goes higher.

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