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Invisible Friends NFT Collection

The Invisible Friends NFT collection is a one-of-a-kind 3D profile photo NFT set. On February 23, 2022, 5,000 Invisible Friends NFTs were made available for minting on the Ethereum Blockchain. Because of the well-known artist, massive buzz, and community, the Invisible Friends NFT Project drop was incredibly hyped. This NFT will be a fantastic flip and maybe even a long-term hold if you can obtain one.

The Invisible Friends NFT initiative has grabbed the interest of many NFT fans throughout the world. It was unknown when the NFTs would be made available for the longest time.

As the name implies, these characters are undetectable, with their attire visible, giving them a premium and artistic appearance. You must enter the digital realm to learn more about these characters, says the crew.

Invisible Friends NFT Collection: A Brief History

The Introduction

Markus Magnusson created Invisible Friends, an Ethereum-based, animated NFT effort part of the RCC (Random Character Collective). Markus promoted the NFT project, collaborating with the Random Character Collective initiative (RCC). With about 440k Twitter followers, it's one of RCC's most anticipated projects.

The Team

Markus Magnusson created the NFT project Invisible Friends. SlimJim, an artist, started concentrating on his SlimHoods NFT collection, another animated NFT endeavor when Invisible Friends began.

As the popularity of Invisible Friends has grown, the Invisible Friends Twitter account has grown, with it currently having over 440,000 followers, and that number is rising by the day.

More people are purchasing SlimHoods and MoodRollers to enter the Invisible Friends allowlist. Invisible Friends looks to be substantially more well-known than SlimHoods and MoodRollers combined based on its Twitter following and engagement.

The Artwork

If someone draws the art of an NFT project, there's a strong chance they'll want to be on the allowlist to mint it. And that is likely the case for the artists of the Invisible Friends project. The artwork for IF is fascinating. In the GIFs they have posted online, you can see the animated artwork for the future NFTs of this project.

As you can see, the animation artwork is sharp. The project's illustrations appear to be lighthearted and uncomplicated. People enjoy how this project is shaping out because distinctive art style is stimulating.

The Community

The RCC Discord channel, which appears to have over 297,000 members, is a great place to start. The server has a psychological health channel where the community speaks and spreads happy feelings. It is one of the many valuable qualities of the NFT community that everyone benefits from.

The Unique Launch

Invisible Friends launched at a 0.25 Ethereum mint price for wallets on an early access list, and NFTs soon skyrocketed on the secondary market. They were selling for as much as 15 Ethereum. Since then, the collection's floor price has dropped to an Ethereum value much lower.

Golden Friend, a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind NFT from the Invisible Friends collection, sold for 496.69 ETH, or approximately $1.3 million. The revenues from that sale will benefit the RCC charity fund, and the Golden NFT winner will obtain token IDs two through six from the primary Invisible Friends collection.

One of the most talked-about NFT collections in recent months has been Invisible Friends.

According to the project, it is "hiding in the Metaverse." Magnusson's 5,000 animations in the NFT collection include an unseen figure whose attire and walk bring attention to the character. Magnusson claimed Invisible Friends was "for individuals who are still kids at heart" in a High Snobiety interview. “People who want to have a little online fun,” he added.

While Invisible Friends was a highly anticipated release, the NFT business has been flourishing in recent weeks after the boom in 2021. While fungible crypto assets have suffered a drop in value, daily NFT transfers are nearing all-time highs, reaching $5 billion in sales recently.

Invisible Friends NFT Collection: The Roadmap

To get an Invisible Friends NFT before the launch, a degen had to begin their adventure by putting in many weeks of Discord grind time, which resulted in them attaining Level 3 in the Discord.

The RCC community intended to save half of the 5,000 Invisible Friends NFTs for RCC's previous NFT collectors, with the other half going to early supporters and active community members.

After some time had passed, the community decided to raise funds for a good cause. The auction of a magnificent golden Invisible Friend raised funds. Someone purchased it for 496.69 Ethereum ($1.3 million).

Invisible Friends NFT Collection: The Growth

Sales and Statistics and the Price Floor

We won’t cover statistics here because they are constantly fluctuating. However, there are some terms that are good to know:

  • Current price floor (or NFT price floor)
  • Trading Volume
  • ETH
  • Sale price
  • Floor cap (of a project)
  • Secondary market
  • NFT floor price
  • Average sales volume
  • General figures

Those terms and the statistics behind them can help you determine whether you want to invest in an NFT project.

The Price Prediction

With its frenzy and high price, the Invisible Friends NFT has hugely impacted the NFT world. The team's lack of roadmap has not diminished its standing, and the desire of the public to hold this set of NFTs as a work of art has not diminished. So, once the team releases the plan, we can generate an Invisible Friends NFT price forecast, estimating that these NFTs will be worth thousands of dollars.

Invisible Friends NFT Collection: The Future

The imagery for the Invisible Friends initiative is breathtaking. The community has also been highly supportive. There is a lot of talk about this initiative right now, which is excellent news for Invisible Friends.

While the artwork is fantastic, it would be much better if there was some function in NFTs for Invisible Friend owners. Many are looking forward to seeing the project's homepage and the roadmap.

Invisible Friends NFT Collection: The Clinch

The artwork for the program Invisible Friends is just unique. The community has been constructive. There is currently a lot of support for the Invisible Friends initiative, which is a good indicator for the project's supporters. Invisible Friends NFT will fly to greater heights thanks to a strong staff and a supportive community.

Rarity Ranking

Invisible Friends

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