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Jungle Freaks: Everything You Need to Know

Meta Title: Jungle Freaks NFT: The Massive Battle Between Zombies and Gorillas

Meta Description: George "The Prince" Trosley created Jungle Freaks in collaboration with his son, and the NFT collection currently has 10,000 NFTs on Ethereum 2.0.

George Trosley, the famed cartoonist for Hustler Magazine, has created a collection of 100% hand-drawn freaks called Jungle Freaks. The Ethereum blockchain is home to these 10,000 freaks. Jungle Freaks by Trosley is now selling at $396.43. There are 10,000 NFTs in circulation, with 1862 unique holders and a market cap of $5,211,058.23.

The year is 2077, humankind has perished, and zombies have taken over the communities and grabbed many military supplies. However, they didn't account for the gorilla regime's scientifically augmented savagery and cunning. The Gorilla Oasis is being attacked, but they will not surrender. Let’s explore what else Jungle Freaks has to offer.

Jungle Freaks: A Brief Overview

In 2021, George Trosley's Jungle Freaks swept the NFT landscape. This was a huge stumbling block in the space, which has now calmed down following reports that Trosley made racist cartoons while working as a cartoonist on numerous projects. Trosley has since established himself as a well-known cartoonist, collaborating with his son to produce the Jungle Freak's NFT Collection.

George Trosley, a renowned Hustler magazine cartoonist, and his son George III collaborated on the NFT collection Jungle Freaks. High-profile celebrities like “Lord of the Rings” actor Elijah Wood praised the idea and even participated in the worldwide launch of the project. He also showcased his “Golden Zombie” bust on Twitter, which caused a wave of excitement among fans.

Jungle Freaks: The Offensive Cartoons

After the artist's racist cartoon illustrations from the 1970s appeared, Jungle Freaks, an NFT production backed by American actor and director Elijah Woods, descended into mayhem. According to a report, the cartoons provoked various opinions among the project's stakeholders. While a number of high-profile investors pulled out of the NFT project due to the controversial cartoons, others disregarded it as a case of cancel culture.

The Jungle Freaks collection, according to the source, is a father-and-son project that includes 10,000 zombie NFTs. George Trosley, a longtime cartoonist for Hustler Magazine, is the artist behind the initiative. According to the reports, Trosley created a series of racially charged drawings while working for Hustler Magazine.

Trosley's son, George Trosley III, stepped in to save his father, promising that he and his father would take an anti-racism LinkedIn training together. The son stated in the post that his father's disturbing cartoons were terrible. He admitted that the emergence of the images provided an opportunity to take responsibility.

He reassured collectors by saying that Jungle Freaks does not tolerate racism. He went on to say that his father should not have engaged in the racist cartoons since they were part of a culture promoted by Larry Flint & Hustler Publications. The son went on to say that his father was embarrassed to create the drawings.

Trosley, on the other hand, made no apologies. Conversely, he dismissed charges that his drawings were racist, explaining that his job as a cartoonist at Hustler entailed portraying themes that the publication was interested in at that time. Trosley went on to say that the journal was known for printing controversial content. Many illustrations, he claims, were created to elicit attention and discussion on current societal issues and political issues.

Jungle Freaks: The Nazi Zombies

Apart from Trosley's earlier work, the NFT community examined the Jungle Freaks collection of artworks and discovered a piece with Nazi themes. The NFT portrays a zombie wearing a Nazi General's helmet replete with the Totenkopf, or skull badge. Therefore, community members are pushing for Jungle Freaks to be delisted because of Nazi zombies.

Trosley justified himself once more, claiming that the hat had nothing to do with the Nazis. According to his statement, the Jungle Freaks are zombies, and they believed that adding a skull trait to the uniform headgear would be a novel way to indicate that they were a zombie army. Due to the backlash, Jungle Freaks had a tremendous selloff, with the floor price plummeting by 94% to 0.3 ETH.

Jungle Freaks Motor Club

The Jungle Freaks team is happy to unveil the Jungle Freaks Motor Club (JFMC), the first-ever hand-drawn dynamic NFT automobile collection, as one of their newest and most inventive initiatives to date.

Because life is quick, Jungles Freaks drive fast. Over 10,000 NFTs are included in the widely anticipated collection, which also contains five unique automobile models and over 350 hand-drawn qualities. Each NFT acts as a ticket to a variety of play-to-earn (P2E) racing games that span vast distances.

The team intended to develop an exclusive NFT collection that was unlike anything else currently available and had a utility that no other project had achieved. As a result, owners may now participate in a P2E NFT automobile racing game.

The team has teamed up with Netvrk to create a racing game within their Metaverse, which you will be able to play if you have the JFMC NFT. Furthermore, the team purchased an NFT World and is developing a P2E racing game within that Metaverse, which will have five distinct racetracks and will need a JFMC NFT to enter and play.

Jungle Freaks: The Crux

The Jungle Freaks NFT collection isn't the first to cause a stir in the NFT community. The Mekaverse crew was accused of market manipulation and selling duplicate artwork recently. Likewise, OpenSea, the main NFT platform, acknowledged an insider trading scam in September. Squid Game, the unauthorized play to earn game, was recently exposed as a hoax, leaving token holders with nothing.

However, Jungle Freaks is continuously trying to get back in the game, and the latest offering comes in the form of the Jungle Freaks Motor Club. This is where owners can battle against one another in an online racing game. It brings a new level of fun and excitement to the crypto industry, and the audiences can enjoy a break from the monotony.


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