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Lazy Lions NFT Collection

Lazy Lions is an Ethereum-based project consisting of an exclusive collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens. Four friends launched the project back in August 2021, and they sold all the digital collectibles for millions of dollars within five hours.

A cartoon lion character is the basic artistic approach behind minting these digital files as NFTs. Lazy Lions entered the NFT space at full speed, and its volume statistics has put it in the conversation with advanced projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

Lazy Lions have emerged to be a strong and reckoning force in the crypto space, and the community is expected to grow. The developers of this project have a deep cultural background related to lions, which is why they adopted lions as the face of their digital collectibles.

History Of Lazy Lions NFT Collection

Founders Of Lazy Lions

The founding team of the Lazy Lions community consists of four members. The idea of creating a unique NFT collection hit these four founding members when they were locked down during the Covid-19 crisis in Sydney, Australia. This limited collection was founded by Ashur, Anlion, and Nine and was launched on 7th August 2021.

The founders have a cultural background from the Assyrian region, famous for lions. Furthermore, the idea in the minds of the founders was that a lion is considered a symbol of strength. A lion is also regarded as the undisputed king of the jungle.

The Assyrian region is an ancient society, and the founders of Lazy Lions have a direct link with this region. Therefore, they have showcased their cultural heritage by creating this dynamic NFT community project.

These founding members only had the idea and the unique storyline in their minds. To give the idea power of reality, rizzio.eth created the artwork for this project. Rizzio is the digital and creative force behind this blockchain collection of 10,000 Lazy Lions, with every single token depicting a unique level of rarity.

The artwork developer artistically portrayed the founders' ideas and created 10,000 Lazy Lions characters along with bungalow NFTs. The combination of culturally motivated founders and a dynamic digital art creator has culminated in the highly-grossing Lazy Lions project.

Storyline Of Lazy Lions Community

Lazy Lions has been in the limelight since its launch in August 2021. It has caused ripples in the trading marketplace with the complete sale of all digital collectibles for $1.5 million only five hours after the project's launch.

The developers of this project created a fun storyline to boast strong community engagement, and it is expected to be a blue-chip NFT project over time.

The storyline of this NFT collection describes a private island that the Lazy Lions occupy. The Lazy Lions inhabited the island after getting rich in the NFT world, and they have settled on the island and have become lazy while enjoying their bungalow NFTs.

The myth is not too far from the truth, as real lions are known to spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping. However, the founders warned potential buyers that laziness must not be considered the weakness of lions as they are still kings or queens.

Another community aspect of the storyline is that every member is treated with equal respect as all lions are kings and queens, and therefore, there is not a single pinch of discrimination on the lions’ island.

Lazy Lions NFT Collection Statistics

After the launch of Lazy Lions on 7th August 2021, the project sky-rocketed and sold out the thousands of NFTs listed in only five hours. The initial minting price was 0.05 ETH.

However, many influencers like Jake Paul and Tyrese Haliburton got on the bandwagon of Lazy Lions at the start of September 202, driving the all-time average price floor to 3.67 ETH. That significant increase in the average sale price of each token surged Lazy Lions to the 36th rank among top NFTs. Moreover, holders lucky enough to own NFTs with desirable rarities from the wide variety of 160 traits could have NFTs worth significantly more than the floor price.

However, the NFT industry saw a bear trend in October, and the floor price of this online community has been decreasing ever since. The total volume statistics of this project to date is 28.5K ETH, and the current floor price is 0.66 ETH.

Anime Community and Discord Channel of Lazy Lions

The most alluring aspect of this project is the continuous and positive community engagement both on discord and other social media channels such as Twitter. The developers have learned the key to the success of the NFT collection is that it has to be a community-oriented project.

The discord presence of Lazy Lions has increased with the total induction of 5,000 collection owners. Every month different challenges are assigned to the active community of Lazy Lions, and different rewards are offered under the banner of "ROARwards."

The ROARwards include airdrops of tokens along with other additional community prizes. Furthermore, the community focus also provides Lazy bungalows to the Lazy Lions NFT holders where they can display their tokens.

Future Of Lazy Lions NFT Collection

The future of the Lazy Lions NFT collection is bright as the developers are continuously working on community engagement and providing more perks and privileges to the NFT holders. Even though the floor price has decreased since October 2021, the development is still ongoing with the provision of free fan tokens every month.

Furthermore, the discord presence of collection owners is treated equally and provides the same level of opportunities to keep the community on a uniform growth pattern. In addition, gaming projects are also being incorporated within Lazy Lions Island to increase the market value of the digital collectibles.

With the market impact in view, it would not be absurd to say that the future of Lazy Lions looks promising and bright.

Final Crunch

The Lazy Lions project is one of its kind in the Metaverse and could challenge the supremacy of all-time leaders like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, although the blockchain collection is still a long way off.

But with its active community engagement and ROARwards bringing unique aspects of this project to holders, it looks like the Lazy Lions project could be hanging out in the metaverse and NFT marketplace for years to come. And since the floor prices remain low, many see this as a good time to invest in the project.

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