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Super Bunnies are rare generative hand-drawn superheroes sworn to defend our universe. Light Super Bunnies are opposed by their anti-hero counterparts the Dark Super Bunnies. The perfect balance for the universe. Yin Yang and the never ending battle between good and evil.

A community-driven project, each bunny is your membership card and gives you a vote in our collective future: the first being how to forge our immersive ecosystem, where a slick multiplayer FPS game is already being explored – one that allows people to fight as their bunny avatars and earn NFTs and tokens as they save humanity.

Starting from a limited edition of 5K on the Ethereum chain, their origin story includes a deflationary breeding mechanism (burning Bunnies for even rarer creatures). Every bunny is uniquely made from over 150 different features - no unpopular attributes! 'GOD MODE' anyone?

Light Super Bunnies
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