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Learn more about MekaVerse NFT

MekaVerse NFT Collection

MekaVerse is a diverse NFT project having a collection of 8,888 digital collectibles. The origin and the idea behind the artwork of MekaVerse NFT is the Japanese anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam.” The major catch of this Gundam-inspired artwork involves the rarest pieces of these Ethereum-based NFT images.

Interestingly, these 3D rendered images were sold for $60 million within the first 24 hours after their launch. MekaVerse has garnered immense support not just on Discord but also on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, with people buzzing about them.

The major reason behind this popularity is the diversity of this Ethereum-based collection. The digital artwork style of MekaVerse collectibles is unique in every sense. Some might say that other NFT projects, such as the big names of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, have failed to match the diversity and rarity level of this anime-inspired avatar project. Not a single digital artwork of this project has any overlapping features.

Breaking Down the History of MekaVerse

About The Founders

Two European men, Matt and Mattey, are the digital artists behind the concepts of this Ethereum-based collection. These two crypto artists have years of experience working as freelancers in the graphic design industry. Moreover, they also have a big chunk of experience in creativity.

During the formation of this (Non-Fungible Token) collection, these digital artists have ensured rarity and have been compelled to keep the collection sight unseen for fair distribution during raffles. The distribution of NFTs took place after the launch in October 2021. The lead artists have followed the notion of quality above quantity for these avatar projects.

The colors, color palette, and color swaps of every digital collectible of MekaVerse are unique, and therefore, they have a huge Discord community and Twitter followers.

That is the reason this NFT project has a mounting rarity and uniqueness index. Apart from the artistic direction, the Discord server direction has been steered by a leading figure in the crypto bull market: Julien Van Dorland, a Dutch entrepreneur and digital artist, who has an immense following in the crypto market.

This man is leading the Discord public events on the Discord channel of the MekaVerse universe. He also provides investment advice to newbies in the Discord community during regular interaction. The collaboration with artists on different social media platforms is another compelling attribute of MekaVerse.

Conceptualization Of MekaVerse

MekaVerse is an NFT collection of mechanical creatures. The developers have taken inspiration from a Japanese series of robots and a bundle of trading cards. They have created this MekaVerse collection with complicated concepts.

Currently, the MekaVerse is divided into four different factions; Originals Meka, Mirage, F9, and Gadians. Among these four factions of MekaVerse, Gadians are the creatures who rule the planet. There is a never-ending power struggle between the four factions to take control of the MekaVerse.

The NFT holders can choose to participate in any of these factions by purchasing during the minting process. The benchmark for quality has been a point of pivotal importance for the developers, and according to the creative news reports from a person in the NFT world, Andrew Hayward, these Japanese anime classics are never near the end.

They will keep on increasing from the dark times to the brighter future. The additions throughout time will continue to increase the storyline of this NFT project. Furthermore, the addition of newer worlds into the MekaVerse is also in the pipeline.

Impact On NFT Markets

MekaVerse had a sky-rocketing entry in the NFT world. The first 24 hours after the launch, the sales volume touched a whopping figure of $60 million. The initial bargain price was set to be 0.2 ETH, and the potential buyers took part in the raffle without knowing the collection's profile. Hence, it followed a gambling process, which is a bit rational in the NFT world.

Huge investments were made to get the rarest pieces of the collection. The prices increased in a matter of a few minutes. It took not so long for the median price of a single collectible to stand at 7 ETH. Furthermore, the average price in the secondary market reached in the range of 5 ETH to 10 ETH.

Currently, the total trade volume is recorded as 48.3K ETH. The most expensive price of a digital collectible in MekaVerse was 125 ETH. However, after the biggest news of irregularities and rigging, the average floor price of MekaVerse has dropped significantly.

The price drop has been significant from the secondary sales, and the current floor price has come down from 7 ETH.

Future Of MekaVerse

After being embroiled in controversies and rigging allegations, MekaVerse has seen a sharp decline in sales volume, leading some investors to believe they made bad investment decisions. The public has lost trust, but the developers are leaving no stone unturned to change the public’s opinion.

In this regard, an NFT game similar to the Axie Infinity is in the cards and will be shared with the Discord community members of MekaVerse. Moreover, the distribution of free tokens is also a key part of reviving the lost glory of this dynamic NFT project.

Apart from this, the universe within the MekaVerse is also being expanded to create more characters with distinguished attributes. By following these norms of continuity and rarity, we foresee a better future and are hopeful that not only will MekaVerse revive its previous potential but will also surpass it.

Concluding Remarks

MekaVerse was a thunderous project within the realm of the NFT universe. Its initial impact made it so appealing to the public that it was completely sold out in a very short period. However, the allegations of rigging during the minting and distribution process have significantly harmed the reputation of MekaVerse, and investment decisions have been altered.

However, in the backdrop of controversies, the digital artists and the Discord community manager have stood firm in their positions. Now they are planning a major comeback with the exploration of newer worlds and characters in MekaVerse with the addition of a MekaVerse game.

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