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Moonbirds are much more than avatars. They're a group of 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs with a wide range of rarity-powered features. Furthermore, the longer you have a Moonbird, the more you can access a particular club and other privileges. We call it nesting.

This NFT is the PROOF Collective's second project to take the globe by storm. The alpha/social club had only been available to 1,000 people before Moonbirds. A wager on Moonbirds includes a chance on the PROOF team and the DAO they have assembled. Kevin Rose is the most well-known member of that team and the best bet. Kevin Rose is the creator of Digg, as well as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

He has also launched several successful businesses, including Pownce, Revision3, and Milk. He also invests in startups like Twitter and Uber as an angel investor.

Moonbirds NFT Collection: A Brief History

The Initiative

A collection of 10,000 Ethereum profile images, Moonbirds features randomly distributed qualities similar to those found in projects like CryptoPunks or the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

PROOF Collective eventually made 7,875 NFTs available for purchase through an allowlist created through a lottery procedure. At Saturday's auction, each Moonbirds NFT was offered for 2.5 ETH.

Moonbirds NFT issued another 2,000 NFTs as free mints to the PROOF Collective NFT membership pass holders. The membership passes are expensive, once starting at above 97 ETH (approximately $283,000) on secondary markets. There are only 1,000 passes available, and each bearer can earn two Moonbirds

The PROOF Collective

The PROOF Collective is a tiny but mighty and wealthy community of NFT collectors and artists. As a secretive society, information on this high-end NFT group is limited. However, according to the official PROOF website, current 1,000 pass holders have more than 150,000 NFTs in their collections.

A large piece of this member portfolio comprises more than 800 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and over 5,000 Art Blocks collectibles. In other words, PROOF members have a lot of money and an excellent sense which expensive items to buy.

It is vital to remember that 1,000 NFTs do not imply 1,000 distinct PROOF Collective members. Take, for example, artist Trey Ratcliff, who now owns four PROOF Collective NFTs with a very high combined floor price.

The Nesting

Moonbirds allow the user to lock and nest without leaving the wallet, and their pixelated appearance has withstood close examination by the cryptocurrency community. As soon as the Moonbird is nested, it begins to accrue additional advantages.

As the nested time accumulates, customers will see their NFTs achieve higher tier levels, improving their nest.

Moonbirds NFT Collection: Breakdown and Utility

Moonbirds is a set of 10,000 utility-enabled PFP NFTs with diverse characteristics. Holding Moonbird grants you access to the PROOF Discord and other perks as long as you keep the token. Nesting is the term for this advantageous procedure.

Each NFT in this collection has a one-of-a-kind PFP design that allows it to be nested without having to leave the holder's wallet. The Moonbird will reap the rewards as soon as the nesting process begins. The Moonbird's nest will evolve, reaching new stages and unlocking new goodies.

Moonbirds NFT Collection: To buy Moonbirds NFT and Mint price

The Moonbirds NFT collection, which initially debuted on April 16, 2022, is now available for purchase on OpenSea. Along with gas charges, the mint price for one Moonbirds NFT was 2.5 ETH.

The Moonbirds NFTs, on the other hand, have soon grown in price to a considerably more significant level. The starting price for a Moonbirds NFT recently was 27.5 ETH ($79,000). The total volume recently stood at 118,000 ETH or $340 million.

However, the floor price has fallen from its peak of roughly 40 ETH. While Moonbirds are now trading for approximately 30 ETH (as of this writing), some of these NFTs are selling for considerably more. One NFT, Moonbirds #2642, sold for 350 ETH ($1 million).

Moonbirds NFT Collection: The Trading Volume and Sales

The Moonbirds NFT total transaction volume has climbed to 78.7K ETH with the broader public having interest. Within four days of its inception, this NFT initiative had more than $250 million in sales.

The most significant secondary sales volume April 17, 2022, was extremely high for any collection. As more people intend to join the group, the daily sales volume gradually decreases. On the other hand, the trading volume reflects the true potential of the Moonbirds NFT initiative.

Moonbird NFT Mint Price

Offered at a minimum rate of 2.5 ETH + Gas Fee per NFT, the Moonbirds NFT mint price was excessively low relative to the current floor price. The public auction began with 7,875 Moonbirds NFTs, with 2,000 reserved for former PROOF collective members. Also, 125 Moonbirds NFTs have been set aside for special events such as marketing and collaboration.

Moonbirds NFT Floor Price

As of April 22, 2022, the Moonbirds NFT floor price is 35.90 ETH, roughly 100.7K ETH. With significant changes over the previous four days, the floor price reached 35.90 ETH. Compared to the Moonbirds mint price, the floor price opened at a 750 percent gain offering substantial profits to an investor.

Moonbirds NFT Price Prediction

Aiming high with the Moonbirds NFT collection, the PROOF team hopes to create a one-of-a-kind metaverse. As more holders join the growing process, the brand value will rise, fostering a more significant community for users to join.

The initiative also supports savvy investors like Ryan Carson and Gary Vee. Prices will likely rise soon as a result.


Over the weekend after mint, secondary market sales of Moonbirds surged, and the leading NFT marketplace recorded its highest day of trading in more than two months on a Saturday, surpassing $177 million in Ethereum transactions, according to Dune Analytics.

Moonbirds have dominated the NFT market since Saturday, with CryptoSlam reporting more than eight times the trading volume of other collections over the past week. The Mutant Ape Yacht Club is ranked second, with around $34.6 million in trading volume that weekend.

Moonbirds NFT Collection: The Future

Moonbirds had one of the most significant launches in the NFT market. Thanks to the initial mint and secondary solid sales, the project generated $280 million in trading volume in only two days. After a few weeks, the number had risen to $477 million.

People associated with the project made two critical decisions after the project's launch. Alexis Ohanian has joined as an investor, putting $10 million into PROOF as it expands its media and community goals.

Proof COO Ryan Carson left after creating an NFT investment vehicle 121G and purchasing Moonbirds on the secondary market. Some collectors were outraged by Carson's conduct, claiming that he was privy to inside information regarding PROOF's plans.

In the meantime, at least, it appears to be a minor stumbling block for PROOF since Moonbirds have enjoyed the increased value and significant trading volume. In addition, most NFT holders seem enthusiastic about nesting and its potential benefits, with nearly 85 percent nesting within six months of the feature's introduction.

PROOF's Moonbirds have spectacularly taken wing, but whether they will continue to fly among the NFT blue-chip collections will be determined in weeks and months.

Moonbirds NFT Collection-Blue Chip: The Conclusion

Exclusive club membership also plays a vital part in the Bored Ape Yacht Club, where one of the 10,000 NFTs currently costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A metaverse is promised here, with the new ApeCoin (APE) as its core.

Moonbirds, in essence, indicate what new possibilities can be related to NFTs. The concern for medium- and long-term investors is whether the aesthetically dubious Moonbirds can continue to stimulate interest and revenue for years to come.




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