3LAU & Steve Aoki Create CryptoPunks-inspired Supergroup

Credit: Punx

Two of the most prominent electronic musicians working in Web3 are teaming up for a new project. Steve Aoki and 3LAU just announced a supergroup fronted by their respective CryptoPunks NFT profile pictures (PFPs).

The group is called “Punx,“ an obvious nod to the Ethereum-based NFT collection CryptoPunks, one of the most important and recognized NFT collections of all time. 3LAU tweeted that the group plans to bring their own unique style of electronic music with their Punx collaboration and that using the CryptoPunks NFTs in the visual imagery is just the beginning.

In the past, the duo has collaborated on an NFT song together, “Jenny,“ which dropped in 2021. The longtime friends are strong supporters of NFTs and Web3 music. Earlier in the year, Aoki said he’s made more from NFTs than from a decade of record label advances.

After the news was released, Aoki changed his Twitter profile picture to CryptoPunk #6748, his alter ego in the duo. Aoki paid 89.95 ETH, or around $147,000, in September for his Punk. 3LAU’s CryptoPunk #6708 was bought in March 2021, for 29.99 ETH or about $51,000 at the time.

3LAU said that he and Aoki had been navigating the wilds of Web3 over the past few years and that they looked forward to bringing a “new sound” to the space. 3LAU is also the co-founder of the NFT music marketplace Royal.

After Yuga Labs bought CryptoPunks earlier this year, they released IP rights to holders. Holders can now use their NFTs to create derivative art and products, and Aoki and 3LAU are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Musicians Leverage Their Bored Ape NFTs

Steve Aoki and 3LAU are at the forefront of a new wave of Web3 music. But they aren’t the only musicians leveraging their NFT property rights from Yuga Lab’s-owned NFT collections for creative projects. We’ve covered several stories at Rarity Sniper about musicians using Bored Ape NFTs. Here are some of the top stories.

First, iconic hip-hop and R&B music producer Timbaland dropped a music video featuring two Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. “Congo Has a Meaning” features animated renditions of “Congo” and “Pinky” rapping in a metaverse version of NYC. And the video itself is an NFT fans can own.

Another legendary musician leveraging the IP rights of his Bored Ape NFT is Snoop Dogg, who on June 2nd, 2022, announced a new project: a Bored Ape pastry shop called “Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration.” “Dr. Bombay” is the name of his Bored Ape #6723. Snoop is partnering with Food Fighters Universe for the project.

Lastly, the Bored Ape NFT music supergroup Kingship recently signed two world-class producers to its talent roster. Kingship was created by 10:22, Universal Music Group’s Web3 arm, and is comprised of Bored Ape NFTs and one Mutant Ape that represent real-life artists. They are preparing for their first tour around the metaverse.

Yuga Labs understands the importance of giving holders true ownership of their digital assets, and it appears a symbiotic relationship is evolving between NFTs and musicians, particularly with Bored Apes and CryptoPunks. There’s still no set date for when fans can expect to hear new music from Punx — but a feeling of anticipation is in the air.