Airbus Uses VR to Sell $81 Million Luxury Jets

Credit: Airbus

The European multination aerospace corporation Airbus is using VR headset technology to let customers at its ACJ Two Twenty Creative Studio in France customize the interior of a new ACJ Two Twenty “Xtra Large Bizjet.”

The ACJ Two Twenty comes with a pre-designed interior, but now customers can expand on the initial design by adding tables, rearranging walls, and designing the perfect window seat using Meta’s Quest 2 VR headset.

Here’s how the new function will work:

Using the Creative Studio, customers can check out color and fabric swatches, change the materials of the seats, floors, and countertops, and adjust the lighting. Other features customers can add to their luxury private jet include:

  • A king-sized bed
  • A personal chef
  • A full-sized bathroom with a shower
  • A small movie theater

Each jet holds up to 18 people and has a maximum of six living areas, with two being the average. Once customers design their virtual jet, they can hang out in it or move around in virtual reality and make changes in real-time. The program will also be used for training purposes for mechanics and technicians.

Airbus partnered with Comlux Completion to build the custom luxury jets. By allowing customers to work out the details in virtual reality, Comlux claims they can reduce overall costs and quicken the completion of each jet.

To date, six custom Xtra Large Bixjets have been sold for $81 million each. The customizations happen at Comlux’s Indianapolis’ facility and afterward, the jets are shipped to Dubai’s FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel.

For more information about customizing a jet, you can check out

Virtual Reality and The Metaverse Keep Moving Forward

Ever since Facebook changed its name to Meta in October 2021, brands, companies, celebrities, and even entire countries have been rushing into the metaverse at a quick pace.

We’ve seen popular decentralized metaverses like The Sandbox and Decentraland — virtual worlds where users can socialize, shop, see shows or events, and do a myriad of other activities using their 3D avatars — attract huge investments this year as they continue to grow their user base. And they don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Here are a few recent headlines we’ve written at Rarity Sniper about the metaverse:

Because virtual reality and the metaverse have so many possible use cases, the potential for what can be done and created — like customizing a private luxury jet — is seemingly limitless.

Of course, not everyone is in the market for an $81 million luxury jet. But for those who are, having the option to customize it according to their tastes using the life-like VR and metaverse platform provided by Airbus should be exciting and useful.