ASUS Metaverse Hosts “NFT Battle” Contest for Web3 Creators

Credit: mangasplaining

The ASUS Metaverse is inviting NFT creators to participate in a new challenge.

Dubbed “NFT Battle: Tokenize Your Creativity,” the NFT contest is open to Web3 creators from around the world, and for one talented winner, it comes with a serious shout out: The NFT will be displayed in Tokyo’s legendary Shibuya Crossing, as well as on the website Creative Bloq.

Starting today, August 7th until October 31st, creators can submit their work to the contest to be judged by a weighted public vote. Besides the big winner, other participants will be eligible for prizes valued at over $30,000. Here’s how it works:

  • Creators can submit an unlimited number of works on any theme
  • All works must be original
  • Creators can submit to various categories

There are five contest groups:

  1. 2D creation
  2. 3D creation
  3. Coding Art
  4. Video group
  5. Music group

Winners of the contest must submit proof of originality and authenticity. The final scores will be determined by the sum of the Artistry (30%), Commercial viability (20%), NFT Creativity (30%), Public Voting (20%) scores. The winners will be announced on December 7th.

ASUS is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics manufacturer established in 1989. In 2022, ASUS Group developed ASUS Metaverse Inc., with the aim of constructing a “rich and diverse metaverse world” and inviting creators in Web3 from various fields to participate through the ASUS NFT Plaza.

Partners for the NFT Battle include Creative Bloq, ZombieClub, Stability AI, Trend Micro, Zoofrenz, and others.

The Metaverse is Alive and Well

Meta, the company formally known as Facebook, may still be losing money on its metaverse investments, and artificial intelligence is no-doubt stealing much of the spotlight in tech news. But that’s not stopping metaverses from innovating in Web3 on a regular basis. Here are some of the top metaverse stories from the last couple of weeks on Rarity Sniper.

A week ago, top Web3 company Yuga Labs acquired Roar Studios as another step towards building its highly anticipated Otherside Metaverse. Roar Studios is behind ROAR, a virtual gaming, music, and social platform that facilitates collaboration between musicians.

Next, two weeks ago, The Sandbox metaverse received a new prestigious guest: The British Museum. The iconic museum is creating its own immersive virtual space in the decentralized metaverse, and releasing an NFT project that aims to “reflect the breadth and depth” of the museum’s collections.

Finally, around the same time, the Hong Kong-based technology manufacturer Lenovo released an XR headset — the ThinkReality VRX. The headset is priced at $1,299 and was designed to help businesses integrate operations in virtual reality.

The price of metaverse tokens isn’t always indicative of what’s happening in the space. Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen all sorts of activity in virtual worlds. An NFT creator contest from a top multinational tech company’s metaverse is another sign many people are still bullish on Web3. We’ll keep you updated on any developments to the story.