Yuga Labs Expands Metaverse with Roar Studios

Yuga Labs, the preeminent Web3 company, has taken another step to build its much-anticipated Otherside Metaverse, acquiring Roar Studios for an undisclosed sum. Roar Studios is the creator of ROAR, a virtual music, gaming, and social platform that helps musicians connect and collaborate.

Daniel Alegre, the CEO of Yuga Labs, said in a statement that Roar Studios is redefining what it means to experience content in the metaverse. He added that the company’s focus on creative content and social connections will aid Yuga Labs in building its Otherside Metaverse, though in what ways the Alegre did not expound upon.

On its website, Roar Studios said it is in the process of building a metaverse where musicians will be able to team up and compete in front of audiences. Eric Reid, Roar Studios’ CEO and Founder, said his company’s mission fundamentally aligns with that of Yuga Labs’, as the two are focused on community-driven, open media experiences.

After the acquisition, Reid will stay on with Yuga Labs, becoming the General Manager of the Otherside Metaverse. His responsibilities will include evolving the vision of the Yuga Labs project, as well as leading its development. According to a press release, Roar Studios’ technology, expertise, and leadership will help grow the Otherside Metaverse.

Yuga Labs Continues to Build in Bear Market

Ever since 2021, Yuga Labs has solidified itself as the top NFT company around, buying blue-chip collections like CryptoPunks and building top-flight products that have continuously engaged the community. In the bear market, it has not slowed down. Here are some of our top stories involving it in the past four months.

First, three months ago, Yuga Labs won a landmark case against Ryder Ripps and Jeremy Cahen (better known as Pauly) for infringing on the company’s Bored Ape Yacht Club trademarks. A representative of Yuga Labs told Rarity Sniper that the win was not just good for the company, but for the Web3 space overall.

Next, four months ago, Yuga Labs partnered with Gucci to sell KodaPendants, which were a combination of virtual and physical jewelry. Through the partnership, Gucci designed the necklaces to resemble the NFT company’s famous Koda NFT, adding a little bit of coolness to the Otherside Metaverse.

Lastly, also four months ago, Yuga Labs introduced a 2D strategy game for the Otherside Metaverse. Called ‘Legends of the Mara,’ the strategy game launched the beginning of a new journey for Otherside enthusiasts, including an additional Yuga Labs NFT collection to engage customers.

As today’s story shows, Yuga Labs continues to build in the bear market, which is a bullish sign for the space. There’s no telling what it will come up with next, but Rarity Sniper will be here to report back with the next development.