Beeple Teases New ‘IRL’ NFT Studio

Credit: Beeple

Mike Winklemann, the digital artist better known as “Beeple,” teased a new physical NFT studio to be built in South Carolina on Thursday in a Twitter thread. The video shows construction workers knocking down walls, working with cables, and laying down cement. Winklemann wrote that the video represents the first half of construction and that the second part is “almost finished.”

According to Winklemann, the new studio will showcase NFTs as part of exhibitions. It will allow new collectors the opportunity to celebrate digital art in real life, rather than just viewing the pieces through small screens like those in computers and smartphones. He believes this is precisely what is necessary to attract new investors and push the NFT space through the bear market.

Winklemann remains a top influence in the NFT space, long after his sale of Everydays for $69.3 million catapulted the NFT space into worldwide conversation. Unlike many of his digital artist contemporaries, he tries to combine digital art with IRL utility, often combining the sales of his digital pieces with an equivalent IRL artwork.

The Tweet thread was welcome news for NFT Twitter on Thursday, amassing thousands of likes and retweets. One person replied to the thread, “Amazing, looks like I’m packing up the family and moving to Charleston.” Charleston, South Carolina, is where Winklemann is building the studio.

In addition to his Tweets about the studio itself, Winklemann expressed his love for the NFT community, stating that it amazing how “passionate” the community is. He added that he will use the studio to bring the community further together to celebrate digital art.

NFT Art Continues to Sell in Bear Market

Although the NFT market has slumped in recent months, NFT artists continue to sell their works and sometimes for massive sums. Here are three stories involving NFT art selling during the bear market.

First, there is Tyler Hobbs. Two weeks ago, the renowned NFT artist launched his QQL collection, raising $17 million in sales during these depressed market conditions. Hobbs is also known for his Fidenza collection. Both use generative art to come up with pleasing arrangements of shapes and colors.

Second, there is FEWOCiOUS. A month ago, the young NFT artist was part of a recent collaboration to pay tribute to David Bowie. His submission to the project sold for 96.5 ETH or $127,000. It involved an animated clip and a tall IRL statue of Bowie decked out in the singer’s clothes.

Third and finally, there is the Chicago Bulls project. A month ago, the NBA team contracted with 23 NFT artists to reimagine its legendary logo. The Deadfellaz and The Hundreds teams were part of the group that participated.

Mike Winklemann’s studio is exciting news for the NFT community, as it may be an opportunity to show off digital artwork in a real-life setting. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll be paying close attention for further developments in the story.