Billy Ray Cyrus & Snoop Dogg Collab For NFTs

Credit: A Hard Working Man

Snoop Dogg is back in Web3 news. For his latest project, the legendary rapper has teamed up with country music star Billy Ray Cyrus and the Avila Brothers to follow up their hit single with an accompanying NFT collection.

The “A Hard Working Man” NFT collection is launching in partnership with Animal Concerts, a leader in metaverse experiences, and consists of three-tiers of non-fungible tokens. The song pays homage to hardworking people around the world, and according to the artists, the NFT collection will be focused on community first.

Furthermore, the NFTs serve as membership passes to access IRL events like concerts, comedy shows, conferences, private parties, festivals, and poker tournaments.

Here’s what we know about the three tiers of NFTs:

  • Hustler Edition. This is the first drop to go live and will contain 9,999 unique NFTs. Holders get access to metaverse concerts, exclusive parties, a party with Snoop at a live event, virtual events, gaming packages, and more.
  • Overachiever Edition. Holders get access to an exclusive event with Snoop and Billy Ray, unreleased AHWM content, metaverse gear giveaways, and more.
  • Baller Edition. Access to “next-level” in-person experiences, a party with Snoop, exclusive access to unreleased music, flyway packages, and more.

Interested fans can sign up for the allowlist on the NFT collection site. Signing up is free, and once registered fans can participate in Quests and be ranked on Animal Concerts’ global leaderboard. The people with the most points will be given allowlist spots.

Snoop Dogg is Becoming the King of NFTs

Few individuals have been as active as the “Doggfather of rap” in the non-fungible token space. Besides being the owner of a Bored Ape and possessing a personal NFT collection worth millions, Snoop has released several NFT collections, metaverse experiences, and even started his own bakery based off his Bored Ape IP.

At Rarity Sniper, we’ve literally written dozens of articles about the rapper in Web3. Here are some of the biggest headlines about Snoop Dogg in the space:

In the 90s, Snoop helped pioneer the west coast Gangster Rap sound that forever changed hip-hop. Now he appears to be innovating in Web3 and helping other musicians do the same. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for more news about the “A Hard Working Man” NFT collection.