CEO of Roblox Hints at NFTs and Interoperability ‘Dream’

Credit: Roblox

Interoperability is a buzzword for metaverses, one that implies the carrying of items and currency across platforms, a way for people to enjoy virtual worlds without the hassle of creating multiple accounts. And, in some big news that broke yesterday, it appears the CEO of Roblox is onboard.

David Baszucki, the captain of the Roblox ship, said in an interview with CNBC that it is a dream to have interoperability in the virtual world landscape. He used the example of a high-profile celebrity like Elton John creating ‘capes’ in Roblox for charity, then those objects moving off platform, before moving back on platform.

He added that creators such as Elton John and Nike are likely to have a lot of control over the process. In addition, Baszucki specifically mentioned non-fungible token technology and says that he ‘envisions’ this tech playing a role in the future, although he didn’t say when or in what way.

The news sent shockwaves through Crypto Twitter (CT), with many celebrating the big news. Roblox, probably the most successful virtual world along with Fortnite, has over 40 million daily active users, many of whom are under the age of 14. If the company integrated NFTs, the technology could become normalized for people of that age, leading to widespread adoption in the years to come.

Baszucki’s comments also may signal a shift in the company’s policy towards Web3 tech. Various company spokespersons have panned the integration of cryptocurrency onto the platform for instance and have previously not said much about NFTs. The comments from the CEO are good news overall for Web3 denizens, another story that may signal a turning of the tide in a bear market.

NFTs Rise, Bull Market Coming?

Ever since the episode of The Simpsons featuring NFTs aired on Sunday, NFTs have been on a tear, with top, mid, and low collections rising in floor price. A change in attitude seems to be taking place on Crypto Twitter, with influencers telling stories of what they learned in the past bull market (in preparation for this one’s) and some saying this period has late 2020 vibes.

Of course, there have been major impulses as well. Here is a breakdown of all the news that seems to be stoking the beginnings of a bull market in crypto from this week.

  • The SEC is opening a period of review for Bitcoin ETFs, with BTC prices rising
  • Blackrock filed for an Ethereum Trust in Delaware, the first indication of an ETH NFT
  • SupDucks, Doodles, and other collections have made bullish announcements

And Gordon Goner, a co-founder of Bored Ape Yacht Club, has gone on a grail spending spree, buying a Fidenza, Sappy Seals, DeGods, Pudgy Penguins, and more NFTs, stoking excitement in the space.

Now, news of a possible future integration of NFTs into one of the most popular virtual worlds. Are we heading for a bull market? It’s starting to seem like it.

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