Cool Cats Partners with San FranTokyo & Animoca Brands

Cool Cats, the popular family-friendly NFT project, has teamed up with Web3 gaming and venture capital firm Animoca Brands Japan and San FranTokyo to boost Cool Cats brand-recognition throughout Japan and Asia.

The partnership will see San FranTokyo, an anime-themed figurine and NFT marketplace and metaverse experience built by Weebox, supporting new narrative developments of beloved Cool Cats characters such as Chugs, Ardi, Jo, and Blue.

More specifically, the project will interweave Cool Cats IP with Japan’s world-renowned manga tradition. The companies will be co-producing a standalone story known as a manga one-shot, which will be illustrated by a top Japanese artist. By doing so, both brands hope to introduce Cool Cats to a Japanese audience, which has a longstanding tradition and affection for manga comics.

According to the report, the partnership will also include Vtuber initiatives with popular Cool Cats’ characters to engage digital-native audiences. Cool Cats NFTs will also be incorporated into the San FranTokyo metaverse to provide an immersive digital experience for collectors, as well as interactive figurine drops.

In the recent past, San FranTokyo has shown its dedication to Cool Cats by acquiring a significant collection of its NFTs. Back in July, we reported that the project was being backed by Animoca Brands, one of the biggest players in Web3 gaming.

The project comes as Cool Cats continues to expand its reach globally with the aim of becoming a household name brand around the world. Although the news hasn’t set off an explosion in the floor price of Cool Cats NFT, the NFTs have been steadily rising over the past 24 hours — moving from .83 ETH to their current floor price of about 1 ETH.

Cool Cats Continues to Innovates Despite a Tough Year

Back in October 2021, the floor price of a Cool Cats NFT reached as high as 17.4 ETH. It’s current floor price of 1 ETH pales in comparison, and the OG NFT collection obviously has a long way to go to return to its all-time highs.

But the brutal bear market hasn’t stopped Cool Cats from innovating, forming new partnerships, and launching new projects to bring value to its holders. Here are some of the top headlines from Cool Cats NFT collection in 2023:

The bear market has been rough on Cool Cats, and holders will have to be patient to see if the project can return to its glory days. If it happens at all, it will likely take some time. But this latest strategic partnership with San FranTokyo and Animoca Brands Japan to expand the brand into Japan and Asia could be a good start, and if the bull market comes back, it may pay dividends.

At Rarity Sniper, we’ll be on the lookout for any updates to the story.