Credit Suisse Launches NFT Collection to Empower Women’s Soccer

Women’s professional soccer (aka football) is back in NFT news again. This time it’s for the release of a non-fungible token project that will help fund and support women’s soccer in Switzerland.

The latest project is a collaboration between Credit Suisse, a Swiss investment bank, and the Swiss Football Association for the release of 756 Ethereum-based NFTs depicting digital portraits of players from the Swiss Women’s National Team.

The NFTs will be available on sale between July 11th to August 31st on CSX — Credit Suisse’s digital banking application. According to the press release, proceeds from the collection will be donated to the women’s national team, as well as other organizations that support women’s football in Switzerland.

The collection will be sold in three packages, ranging in price between 150 and 10,000 Swiss Francs (or about $165 to $11,000). Like many collections these days, the NFTs are more than just digital assets. Depending on the NFT purchased, buyers will receive physical artwork, a signed jersey, and chance to meet the players in person.

The head of partnerships and sponsorship at Credit Suisse, Sandra Caviezel, said that she was excited about the opportunity to use NFT technology as a funding mechanism to support the growth of women’s football in Switzerland. She added that the goal of the NFTs was twofold: To directly support the women’s national football team and to help promote young talent in the country.

The move comes just a few days after World of Women partnered with FC Barcelona to release a 1:1 NFT celebrating the career of Alexia Putellas, arguably the best female soccer player in the world. The NFT sold for 162 ETH, or around $316,000.

Soccer Is Bullish on Web3 and NFTs

The new NFT collection from Credit Suisse and the Swiss Women’s National Team is exciting news for fans and could offer an alternative means of funding women’s football in the country. But it certainly isn’t the only soccer themed NFT project we’ve seen this year.

At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered dozens of articles about soccer players, teams, and organization launching NFT projects. Here are two of the most recent stories about the world’s most popular sport in Web3.

First, on July 3rd, Cristiano Ronaldo partnered with Binance NFT to launch his second NFT collection, ‘The Goat.‘ The NFTs are themed around Ronaldo’s goal-scoring ability, and collectors can purchase specific goals out of the over 800 he’s scored in his career. There are a total of 29,327 NFTs available.

Next, April 7th, Arsenal FC, one the world’s most popular soccer clubs, teamed up with Staynex to launch a collection of NFT Passes. It consists of 400 NFTs for the price of $400 each, and holders receive real-life benefits such as stays at 4 and 5-star hotels and tickets to games.

We’ll have to be patent to see if the latest NFT collection from Switzerland will be popular fans. But its goal to support women’s football through the sale of NFTs is certainly a noble one. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll be following up on any developments in the story.