Fantasy Top NFT Collection on Blast is Soaring

Credit: Fantasy Top

Fantasy Top, the first NFT SocialFi trading card game built on Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain Blast, has been blasting off the charts recently. On Sunday, it led all NFT collections with $1.8 million in daily sales. At the time of writing, its total sales volume is $46.3 million, as per data from CryptoSlam.

Launched at the start of May, Fantasy Top has been luring influencers, degens, crypto and NFT traders, and Web3 enthusiasts alike. The game works by transforming social media influencers into NFT trading cards, which players can collect to create card lineups and earn crypto or rewards based off the influencer’s X activity and post metrics.

In other words, X engagement metrics are integrated directly into the core gameplay, incentivizing players to follow and engage with crypto influencers on X. This creates a fantasy sports vibe where the athletes are influencers. One player on X wrote that “having knowledge on social media is the only edge you need.”

At the time of writing, Fantasy Top leads all NFT collections besides Uncategorized Ordinals in total sales volume over the past 24 hours (nearly $1.2 million), seven days ($12.8 million), and thirty days ($40.3 million).

While PFP collections like CryptoPunks and Bored Apes make news with huge sale prices, Fantasy Top is rising via its volume of sales. Of course, it’s impossible to determine how much of the trading activity is generated from players captivated by the gameplay, and how much is pure speculation. Either way, Fantasy Top is on top right now and many in the space are hyped about it.

Blast Becoming Top Blockchain for NFTs

The astronomical success of Fantasy Top isn’t just exciting for its creators and community, but it’s also a huge win for the Blast blockchain. Launched at the end of February this year as the only Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain offering native yield for ETH and stablecoins, it has quickly become one of the top blockchains for NFTs.

At the time of writing, Blast NFT sales volumes was up 995% over the past thirty days, and it has done $48.6 million in total sales (CryptoSlam). That puts it in the number five position for total NFT sales volume during that time, wedged between two other Ethereum L2 blockchains — Polygon (fourth with $52.3 million) and Immutable (sixth with around $28.5 million).

Much of Blast’s success right now is due to Fantasy Top, which can account for the vast majority of the sales volume by itself. In April, before the release of Fantasy Top, Blast did only $502,338 in total NFT sales, with 1,615 unique NFT sellers. In May, Blast has already recorded $46.5 million in total sales, with 27,589 sellers — and are eleven days to go.

Blast is still a young blockchain, but the success it’s enjoying this month is a big deal. It will be interesting to see the future of Blast and what role collections like Fantasy Top continue to play in its evolution.

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