FEWOCiOUs & adidas Partner for NFTs Tied to IRL Shoe

Credit: Adidas Originals / Fewocious

Global sportswear brand adidas has partnered with the popular Web3 artist FEWOCiOUS for an NFT collection linked to physical shoes. The partnership comes as adidas continues to explore the intersection of art, creativity, and culture in Web3.

The limited-edition “Trefoil Flower Mint Pass” NFT collection is set to drop on June 22nd. After the launch, digital assets can be redeemed for a pair of real-life Campus 00s sneakers designed by the artist, which are expected to ship before September 2023.

FEWOCiOUS (Victor Langlois) is a twenty-year-old artist that’s risen to fame in Web3 through his unique style and vibrant aesthetics. His work often reflects personal narratives about his experience as a transgender youth. In his teenage years, he painted adidas shoes in his bedroom before first partnering with adidas in an official capacity for 2022’s Art Basel in Miami.

Previews of the new shoes featuring FEWOCiOUS’ signature style of detailed black and white linework set against a blue and white cloud pattern lace were released on the artist’s and adidas’ websites.

FEWOCiOUS said that collaborating with adidas on the project was a “dream come true.” He added that he believes “in the future of fashion and footwear and the intersection of digital and physical,” and was excited for the new shoes to be released.

Here’s some more information about the Trefoil Flower Mint Pass drop:

  • The drop takes place exclusively on OpenSea on June 22nd
  • Holders of ‘ALTS by adidas x FEWOCiOUS’ and other select NFT collections will receive discounted pricing (0.2 ETH) and early access
  • The public drop will open later in the day for the price of 0.25 ETH

Although adidas has been busy in Web3 for some time now, the Trefoil Flower Mint Pass will be its first token-gated, NFC-tagged sneaker tied to an exclusive NFT. More information will available about the drop on FEWOCiOUS’ Discord and adidas’ website in the coming days.

Top Brands Partner with Artists in Web3

For fans of FEWOCiOUS and adidas’ footwear, news of the collaboration should be exciting. But adidas isn’t the only major brand that’s partnered with a Web3 artist to launch a new product or project. We’ve covered several collaborations between brands and artists in Web3. Here are two of the most recent stories.

First, about two weeks ago, Red Bull announced the launch of an NFT collection that featured 61 pieces of art from students around the world that received mentorship from Burnt Toast, the artist behind Doodles NFTs. The winners of the Red Bull Doodle Art project were invited to Amsterdam for a series of keynote talks and workshops on minting NFTs.

Next, about four months ago, the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami teamed up with Hublot watchmakers for a collection of 13 limited-edition IRL watches paired with NFTs. The watches featured Murakami’s smiling flower motif and a total of 384 gemstones incorporated into its design. The rare, luxury watches were priced at around $54,000 a piece.

Major brands tapping artists to launch new products is nothing new. But considering how non-fungible tokens rose to fame off the back of digital art, Web3 seems to lend itself even more so to this type of collaboration. We’ll be following up on the Trefoil Flower Mint Pass and reporting back on any new developments in the story.

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