NFT Inspect Introduces PFP Discovery Tool for Twitter

Credit: Inspect

The NFT and community analysis platform NFT Inspect just launched a new Chrome browser extension that gives real-time data on popular NFTs used as Twitter profile pictures (PFPs).

The new Twitter NFT Search tool will let users see rarity traits of NFTs, analyze individual wallet addresses to determine the usage of any NFT in a wallet, and search for the different ways an NFT has been used on Twitter.

According to the president of NFT Inspect, Oliver Cohen, “Twitter has emerged as the central communication platform for all things crypto and NFTs.” However, he and his team felt there was a “lack of comprehensive tools” available on Twitter that let users track, analyze, and engage “with the crypto and NFT ecosystem.”

The new NFT Search tool uses “AI algorithms” to detect NFT-related content on Twitter. It can also track the popularity of NFT collections as well as the growth of communities around particular projects.

Cohen believes the insights gained from the Twitter NFT Search tool can be used by degens to make more informed decisions about NFT purchases and investments. For now, the browser extension works for NFTs on Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon blockchains. It currently does not support GIF or video files.

Since coming under new leadership in March of this year, NFT Inspect has continued to build tools to help NFT traders monitor market trends. The platform has a community council of NFT influencers including Elenaaeth, wabdoteth, waleswoosh, and Franklinisbored. In May, it announced a partnership with Polygon Labs.

New Tools Rolled Out During the Bear Market

For Twitter’s thriving crypto and NFT community, the new tool from NFT Inspect could prove to be a useful resource moving forward. But NFT Inspect isn’t the only company that’s been releasing tools for NFT collectors and Web3 fans. Even in this bear market, we’ve covered several stories about the release of new Web3 tools. Here are the top headlines.

First, three months ago, Salesforce Inc. announced the release of a digital collectibles platform to help brands release NFTs and create Web3 loyalty programs. The NFT Management tool will help businesses mint and manage NFTs through the Salesforce platform in a secure and sustainable manner.

Next, the global internet innovator, Opera, recently partnered with Alteon, a creative product solutions company, to release an instant NFT minting tool. The ‘Alteon Launchpad’ lets users drag and drop files directly into a web browser that then writes a smart contract and loads them onto a blockchain. The NFT minting tool will be part of Opera’s Web3 browser.

Lastly, seven months ago, Meta announced that a select group of artists from the U.S. would be able to sell NFTs on Instagram. The Instagram feature lets users create NFTs on Polygon and sell them both on and off the social media site. Around the same time, Instagram also expanded its Digital Collectibles feature to allow people from over 100 countries to display their NFTs on the site.

Even if things seem dull in the NFT space during the bear market, it isn’t stopping companies from putting out new Web3 tools to help their communities and onboard new people into the space. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll be following up to see what Twitter users think about the new tool from NFT Inspect.