Forbes Releases New Crypto ‘Connect Wallet’ for Exclusive Content

Credit: Forbes

Forbes just announced a new partnership with the Web3 technology platform Magic. The first initiative from the collaboration will oversee the release of the Forbes ‘Connect Wallet,’ a digital wallet that lets users store and manage cryptocurrencies, as well as grants access to premium content from thought-leaders, and other rewards.

Forbes will use the wallet, which serves as a sort of digital key, to offer exclusive content about Web3 to its readers. This content could include interviews with experts in the industry, Web3 news, and in-depth analysis of Web3 and blockchain-based projects.

In a win for authors, Forbes’ content creators will be able to monetize their work by receiving payments in cryptocurrency through the wallet. Forbes is also experimenting with blockchain technology to give more control to content creators, potentially using Web3 tech to secure copyright protection and verify ownership over work.

Furthermore, the Connect Wallet will reward readers with crypto, creating a gamification and rewards system for top fans of the publication. The rewards are aimed at encouraging readers to engage more with Forbes’ content as the company seeks to build a Web3 community around its publication.

The move from Forbes is one of the most significant integrations of Web3 tech that we’ve seen from a traditional media company. In an industry that’s been suffering since the rise of the internet and independent media, the pivot from Forbes could help protect authors and bring in additional revenue streams. If it’s successful, we’ll likely see more legacy media companies follow in their footsteps.

Forbes is Bullish on Web3

The latest Connect Wallet from Forbes could be a major boost for Web3, as the leading business publication will now not only be publishing more articles about the nascent sector, but also using its technologies to benefit authors and readers. But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Forbes in Web3. Here are three articles involving the renowned publication in the latest iteration of the internet.

First, in December 2023, Forbes debuted a new X account called ‘ForbesWeb3’, along with a new crypto wallet that holds three high-value non-fungible tokens. The new account will be used to create a hub for Web3 creators, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.

Next, in November, Forbes minted its 2024 “30 Under 30” class as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection, which minted for educational purposes only and is not for sale, consists of 600 NFTs that depict people selected for the prestigious list.

Finally, in November 2022, Forbes hosted a virtual event in The Sandbox for people who hold subscriptions with Forbes. The metaverse experience featured quests, games, NFT wearables, and a virtual yacht to explore.

As these stories show, Forbes has been interested in Web3 for some time now. But the release of its new Connect Wallet could be the company’s biggest move yet in the space. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open to bring you any updates to the story.