Fox Approves 3rd Season of Dan Harmon’s NFT TV Show

Credit: Krapopolis

The animated NFT-based television show “Krapopolis” just got renewed for a third season with Fox — even though a single episode has yet to air.

The blockchain-based show created by Dan Harmon, creator of the now legendary animated series “Rick & Morty,” revolves around a family of deities, monsters, and humans trying to run an ancient city. According to a report by Deadline, it is set to premier on Fox during the fall and winter TV season that bridges 2023 and 2024.

Michael Thorn, Fox’s head of scripted programming, told Deadline at the London TV Screening Exhibition that the show has been a hit internally and the team is very confident in its chances for success. Some of the voice-actors involved in the show include Hannah Waddingham, Matt Berry, Richard Ayoade, Duncan Trussell, Pam Murphy, and others.

In August, 10,420 Krapapolis Krap Chickens NFTs were released. The tokens gave holders the right to vote on certain aspects of the show, as well as access live events with the actors and crew, behind-the-scenes video, and future digital assets. The current price for Krap Chickens NFT are 0.18 ETH or about $280 on the company’s website and 0.14 ETH, around $210 on OpenSea.

Earlier in the year, we reported that Fox pledged $100 million to a new lineup of experimental NFT-based shows. When Krapopolis finally airs, it will be interesting to see if fans buy into its blockchain-based NFT ecosystem that seeks to involve them in the creative process.

Web3 Infiltrates Television and Movies

The new show from Fox and Dan Harmon is highly anticipated by fans. But Krapopolis isn’t the only thing happening in Web3 in regard to television and cinema. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve written several articles about Web3 technologies being used for TV and movies. Here are some of the most interesting stories.

First, in January, a new blockchain-funded film called Calladita” won the Andrews/Bernard Award at the Film3 on the Mountain conference in Utah. The award included $100,000 in finishing funds from Steven Soderbergh and Decentralized pictures, a blockchain-based platform that empowers independent filmmakers and directors in Web3.

Next, Shibuya, a Web3 video platform co-founded by digital artist Emily “pplepleasr” Yang, just dropped an NFT project that will let holders shape a stop-motion animated short video from Steve Aoki and Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodies (SBS). SBS is the studio behind the popular Adult Swim series “Robot Chicken.”

Finally, the NFT collection Doodles is acquiring the award-winning animation studio Golden Wolf. Golden Wolf has worked on several animated sci-fi series, including Rick & Morty. One of the first projects is a collaboration between Golden Wolf and Burnt Toast to develop Doodles’ characters and stories.

Fans will have to be patient to see the new show from Dan Harmon. But once Krapopolis arrives, it looks we can expect at least three seasons thanks to Fox. If it’s a success, it may lead to a rise in the floor price for the Krap Chickens NFTs, and more blockchain-based shows from Fox. We’ll be following up on any developments in the story.