Fractal Debuts Game Development Software for Web3 Adoption

Fractal, a gaming company founded by a Twitch co-founder, has introduced FStudio, a no-code platform that allows developers and laypersons to create Web3 games. Through the system, creators will be able to build, acquire, and monetize their projects easily, which may speed up Web3 gaming adoption.

Creators can use FStudio to turn in-game items into non-fungible tokens, set up NFT stores, and allow users to pay for items with credit cards. In addition, game developers can host tournaments, give out prizes, and hold events. They have the option of launching their game on the Fractal Desktop app, which already holds over 100 titles.

Justin Kan, co-founder of Fractal and previous co-founder of game streaming platform Twitch, said that Fractal operates like an arcade, with a ton of games that players can log in and try out. The company started as a gaming NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain before expanding to Polygon months ago.

Since its start as a non-fungible token marketplace, Fractal has steadily expanded into the Web3 gaming space. Now, it hosts gaming tournaments on its platform, and the launch of FStudio signals that it’s interested in capturing some of the gaming development software market.

The company has taken a different approach than many to Web3 gaming, prioritizing gameplay over money-making mechanics. It accepts less than 10% of applications from gaming companies who want to list a title on Fractal’s platform. According to Kan, Web3 games need to have fun experiences rather than simply provide a way for players to make money.

Fractal Has Built Steadily During the Bear Market

They say bear markets are for building, and that certainly is true for Fractal. What started as an NFT marketplace has expanded to include new website features for players and FStudio, a product aimed both at the average person and developers. It has also raised some serious cash.

In April 2022, the company announced a fundraise of $35 million, with Paradigm and Multicoin Capital leading the round. Heavyweights like Andreessen Horowitz and Solana Labs also participated. In addition, when the company expanded blockchains to Polygon, the organization behind that chain made a strategic investment in Fractal.

At the time of the first funding round, Kan said in a statement that Fractal is building a trust layer in the Web3 gaming ecosystem. The problem, in his view, is that most Web3 games existed in a space only to be described as the wild west, where rug pulls and scams were common. While blockchain assets will ultimately benefit gaming, trust needs to exist for users to buy the assets.

FStudio will put some of that trust-building in the hands of developers creating and monetizing the games. It will also allow for people who don’t know code to create their own titles, something that may have seemed far-fetched years ago. Rarity Sniper will pay close attention any developments in this story and report back.

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