French Magazine Science & Vie Launches NFT Membership Cards

Credit: Science & Vie

To celebrate its 110th anniversary, French magazine Science & Vie is launching an NFT set that grants membership privileges to the magazine’s club. The public sale for the NFT collection started on November 24th, with an individual NFT costing 250 Euros. Holding an NFT from the collection will grant certain perks, including:

  • Contact with the editorial staff
  • Access to a community of Science & Vie enthusiasts
  • A digital subscription to the magazine for life
  • Invitations to Science & Vie and partner events
  • Whitelists for future Science & Vie drops
  • Opportunities to win prizes from Science & Vie games

To launch the NFT membership cards, Science & Vie partnered with Eniblock, a subsidiary of The Blockchain Group, the French leader in blockchain technologies. Each of the NFTs has distinctive artwork: a cover from the magazine’s storied history. Science & Vie has been publishing content since 1913 and especially covers how technology affects the daily lives of everyday citizens.

To purchase an NFT, potential buyers can use fiat currency in Euros or cryptocurrency in Tezos. Science & Vie chose Tezos as the blockchain to mint the NFTs on in part because it has a smaller carbon footprint than some other, more energy-intensive blockchains. To purchase, users will need to navigate to Science & Vie’s dedicated NFT website.

Thomas Cavaillé-Fol, editor-in-chief of Science & Vie, said the magazine is very excited to share this new experience with the magazine’s readers and enthusiasts. He added that the club will pave the way for communication between the editorial staff and the magazine’s enthusiasts. The improved communication could positively impact the magazine.

NFTs as Membership Cards Becoming More Popular

While companies use NFTs for many purposes, creating them to function like membership cards is still novel. But it is becoming more popular. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered several stories in which companies are creating NFTs to work like membership passes. Here are three.

First, fashion house Balmain launched an NFT membership program two months ago. To do so, it partnered with MINTNFT and said in a press release that the first set of NFT members would come before Paris’s Fashion Week. There will be up to 10,000 members in the program.

Next, in September 2022, Aspen Lakes debuted “Golf & Adventure” membership NFTs. When it did so, it became the first private golf resort to implement NFTs into its business model. There are 10,000 NFTs total in the collection, and holders can pass them down to future generations.

Lastly, global asset management firm VanEck launched an NFT membership collection seven months ago. The firm created the 1,000 NFTs to onboard community members to VanEck’s crypto community. The NFTs grant holders access to research, events, and more.

Science & Vie’s membership cards show that more companies are using NFTs for this type of innovation. If it is successful, perhaps more magazines will follow suit. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our ears to the ground to see if more do.