Hot Topic Brings Halloween Collection to Roblox Metaverse

Credit: Junozy / Hot Topic

Hot Topic is known for dark, edgy clothing. Now, it’s bringing its distinctive style to the metaverse. Starting on October 3rd, the company launched an activation in the Roblox virtual world, creating a collection of digital clothes that Roblox users can buy for their avatars. Here is everything we know about the collection so far.

  • It features traditional Hot Topic offerings, including cosplay hats and sunglasses
  • The brand partnered with top Roblox designers for the collection, including Junozy
  • The collection is available through the Roblox avatar shop and a Hot Topic pop-up shop
  • Users can find the Hot Topic pop-up shop through three popular games

Those three games, in which users can find the pop-up shop, are “The Floor Is Lava,” “Speed Run 4,” and “Catalog Outfit Creator.” Because the games are so popular, the Hot Topic pop up store reached 900,000 users in the first three days of the activation. Users have totaled 1.2 years’ worth of play time in those games.

Andrea Lewis, VP of Marketing for Hot Topic, said the company is very excited for its Roblox integration. The partnership will allow Hot Topic to create an experience that “exemplifies” it in the metaverse. The activation is unique because certain digital collectibles will be available in IRL stores, which will satisfy both the Roblox user base and Hot Topic’s regular customers.

The two items that will be available for purchase both digitally and IRL are the 90’s black and orange throwback sweater and beanie. They will contain the old 90’s Hot Topic logo for added throwback flair. Hot Topic has over 800 stores nationwide.

Roblox Stays Busy During Crypto Bear Market

While the cryptocurrency and NFT markets have slumped in recent months, Roblox, a closed metaverse and gaming platform, has stayed busy. Here are three articles we’ve covered about them just in the past month.

First, there is the partnership between Walmart and Roblox. The giant retailer officially entered the metaverse with two Roblox activations on September 26th, one called Walmart Land and the other Walmart Universe of Play. Each contained sets of games for Roblox users to play.

Second, there is the iHeartMedia Roblox activation. 24 days ago, the media conglomerate launched its iHeartLand experience, which featured a series of games and experiences. In addition, Roblox users will be able to attend virtual concerts in the activation.

Third and finally, there is the Chipotle Roblox partnership. About three weeks ago, the two combined to drop the “garlic guajillo steak” for Roblox users in a virtual cooking challenge. The item will also be available in Chipotle IRL stores.

Hot Topic’s Roblox activation is big news, as it shows another company is serious about entering the metaverse. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our ears to the ground for further developments in the story.