Immutable, Amazon Release Exclusive ‘Gods Unchained’ Packs

Credit: Gods Unchained

In a press release issued yesterday, Immutable Games announced a partnership with Amazon that will see new packs of the company’s flagship game Gods Unchained available exclusively to Prime Gaming members for free. The packs coincide with the Season 2 launch of the game, called “Far Horizons.”

As part of the collaboration, Amazon Prime Gaming members will have access to a series of free packs that will be released over a period of six months. All told, 16 core rare packs will be issued, along with six themed packs: Nature, War, Magic, Deception, Light, and Death. Users can claim packs by going to the Amazon Prime Gaming website, selecting the reward, then creating a new Gods Unchained account or linking their current one.

Season 2 of the game will be accompanied by the first major card expansion in over a year, called “Tides of Fate.” This expansion features 142 collectible cards and nine ‘chained’ cards that have an effect on other cards. There will also be a metagame where players will need to choose a faction (Mechs or Dragons) and battle for that side’s success.

In addition, the Gods Unchained creator program is getting a boost, with players asked to “unleash their creativity,” with possible payment coming in the $GODS token if viewership numbers are high. The game launched in 2018, initially on the Ethereum blockchain, before moving to the Immutable X blockchain, a L2 solution for Ethereum.

According to Immutable, Gods Unchained has over 450,000 registered players, making it one of the most successful Web3 games around. It’s partnership with Amazon is not its first attempt to reach the mainstream gaming audience. In June of this year, it launched on the Epic Games Store, which has over 230 million users.

Immutable, Amazon to ‘Supercharge’ Web3 Gaming

If a partnership between these two giants rings a bell, you’re certainly not mistaken. Two months ago, Immutable and Amazon revealed they were partnering to “supercharge” Web3 gaming by giving Immutable access to Amazon Web Services, which will benefit the company’s infrastructure and allow it to enter new markets easier.

In addition, gaming companies that are part of Immutable now have access to AWS Activate, which is a start-up program that helps studios go from ideas to market. AWS Activate is home to over 250,000 startups, including Airbnb, Grammarly, and Stripe. Now, with these companies having access to this program, they can roll out titles faster and reach their audiences.

Jason Suen, the chief commercial officer at Immutable, said at the time of the announcement that its studios now have a “turnkey” solution for bringing games to market, with AWS allowing Immutable to scale globally in the most efficient way possible. Suen remarked that this was a pivotal moment that will accelerate Web3 gaming.

And, as today’s story shows, gamers who enjoy playing titles in Immutable’s ecosystem could be in for a treat. While Gods Unchained is perhaps the company’s biggest game, there are over 150 games currently being built in Immutable’s ecosystem. The partnership could prove to be a big boon for Web3 gaming and the space as a whole.