Immutable Teams with Amazon to ‘Supercharge’ Web3 Gaming

In an announcement yesterday, Immutable revealed that it has partnered with Amazon to “supercharge” Web3 gaming. The partnership will enable Immutable to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to better the company’s infrastructure and enter new markets, which should accelerate the adoption of gaming in the next iteration of the internet.

Immutable will join AWS’s ISV Accelerate Program, which will give the company access to expert resources and enable it to close deals with major game studios around the world. The ISV Accelerate Program is a co-sell program that helps companies accelerate their sales cycles by connecting said companies with independent software vendors.

As part of the deal, gaming studios building on Immutable will have access to AWS Activate, which is a leading start-up program that helps companies go from ideas to the market and comes complete with the AWS Cloud platform. It is home to over 250,000 startups, including Airbnb, Grammarly, and Stripe.

Jason Suen, chief commercial officer at Immutable, said that the partnership will provide Immutable’s network of game developers with a “turnkey solution” for building and then scaling Web3 games. It will allow Immutable to “scale globally in the most efficient way possible.” Suen added that this is a “pivotal moment” that will accelerate Web3 gaming.

Immutable has already built a serverless architecture using Amazon EventBridge and AWS Lambda, which allows it to scale effectively while supporting its product suite. Through the partnership, Immutable will enjoy a scalability that can handle a 10x increase in partnered games, along with increased security and over 99% uptime.

According to the press release, 100 million gamers are expected to join Web3 in the next two years, a dramatic increase from the current number of users. The partnership certainly shows Amazon’s bullishness on the space, which is undergoing a transition from the play-to-earn model to titles that have better graphics and gameplay.

Immutable Explained

If you’re not steeped in the Web3 gaming environment, you may ask: Why is this such big news?

The answer lies in its product and statistics. Immutable provides a Web3 gaming platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and it has been remarkably successful in a short amount of time. It hosts over 150 games, 20 gaming marketplaces, and $1 billion in ecosystem funding.

Its platform uses a special technology called zero-knowledge proofs to allow for scaling without sacrificing speed, so that games on its platform can permit countless transactions easily and quickly. Among the games currently on Immutable are Illuvium, Gods Unchained, and Guild of Guardians.

While It’s not a given, AWS should provide it with even further scalability, while still allowing for decentralization. It will also give any game creators on Immutable better resources to build their titles, which could lead to a snowballing effect in the Web3 gaming space. More and better games equals more adoption, something everyone in Web3 seems to crave.

There’s no telling yet how the partnership will play out, but we’re betting it benefits Immutable and its gaming companies significantly. Here are some stories about Immutable that we have written in the past, listed in reverse chronological order:

In 2022, Immutable had a valuation of $2.5 billion after a Series C $200 million raise.

Amazon Bullish on Web3

And then there’s Amazon. While the e-commerce giant may seem an unlikely choice for a Web3 ally, it has shown a bullish stance concerning the space over the past couple of years. And it has made news as well. Here are three stories involving it and the next iteration of the internet, all from the past nine months.

First, seven months ago, Amazon was prepared to launch an NFT marketplace. The marketplace was said to connect digital assets (NFTs) to physical products that would be delivered to customers’ doorsteps. According to reports at that time, Amazon was going to use the NFTs to enhance the products themselves, either through digital twins or by providing metadata related to the products. While it never panned out, the reports were clear: Amazon was bullish on NFTs.

Next, nine months ago, news broke that the e-commerce giant was interested in integrating non-fungible tokens onto its main platform. The NFTs were said to include digital collectibles, though the company also expressed an interest in Web3 gaming. As we see today, that interest is playing out, and Amazon is betting big on the space.

Lastly, also nine months ago, Amazon partnered with another Web3 entity: Ava Labs, the company behind L1 blockchain Avalanche. Through the partnership, Amazon will support Avalanche’s infrastructure and Ava Labs will join AWS Activate to help startups that build on its blockchain. The AVAX token soared in value as a response.

With today’s story, we see the continued enthusiasm for Web3 among top companies. It really speaks to the phrase that “bear markets are for builders” and even with depressed prices, companies are still making moves in the space. Rarity Sniper will keep an eye out for any developments and update this story if needed.