Louis Vuitton Doubles Down On Web3 With Discord

Credit: Louis

Louis Vuitton (LV) is back in the news with a new addition to its Web3 strategy. The French luxury house company is opening a Discord channel to create stronger bonds with its online community, especially holders of its existing non-fungible tokens.

According to the report, Louis Vuitton’s Discord will be “immersive and interactive.” Its focus will be on Web3, gaming, VR, and esports and technology. It will also forge stronger bonds with its digitally-native community by inviting holders of its Via NFTs to weigh in on decisions.

One of main benefits of Discord is that it can provide token-gated access to specific threads: meaning only people who hold certain NFTs can access them. Accordingly, some of the threads in the LV Discord will be dedicated solely for people who hold Louis Vuitton’s Via NFTs.

Besides giving members of the community a chance to share their opinions on the brand, users can also access exclusive content, participate in watch parties, gamified elements, and take on specific roles within the community.

Discord is an instant messaging and VoIP social platform that has grown immensely popular in the Web3 community and among gamers. Other fashion brands that have active Discord servers include Adidas, Diesel, Prada, and Gucci. However, all these brands opened their Discord server during the NFT bull market over a year ago, and though they still exist, the servers have become relative quiet in recent months.

Until now, LV has used Twitter (X) and Linkedin to communicate about its Web3 offerings. The move to Discord shows Louis Vuitton isn’t just dabbling in the Web3 space. It’s here to stay for the long run, and it appears to just be getting started.

Louis Vuitton Makes Big Moves in Web3

The new Discord channel is exciting news for digitally native Louis Vuitton fans. But this isn’t the first move we’ve seen from the company in the space. Over the past year, LV has been moving into Web3 at a slow but steady pace. Here are the top three stories about LV in Web3 this year.

First, two months ago, Louis Vuitton teamed up with producer and fashion mogul Pharrell Williams for an NFT collection to honor one if its most storied handbags — the ‘Speedy.’ The NFTs, which come with the IRL handbag and a digital asset, were only available to holders of its Treasure Trunk NFTs.

Next, in June, Louis Vuitton released its ultra-exclusive ‘VIA Treasure Trunk’ NFTs for the price of $42,000 a piece. The NFTs were phygital, meaning they include both physical and digital products. They are also “soulbound,” so once purchased, ownership of the NFTs cannot be transferred.

Finally, about a year ago, Louis Vuitton entered Web3 by adding NFTs to its mobile game app Louis: The Game. The game lets users dress up their avatars and learn about the 200-year history of the brand. The NFTs that are earned in the game can be transferred across multiple platforms.

While some brands seem to enter Web3 haphazardly with no real plan or vision, Louis Vuitton has done just the opposite. For now, it appears the brand has a strong vision for the role it wishes to play in the future of the internet. The latest addition of its Discord server is more evidence of that fact.