Mattel to Release Fast & the Furious NFTs

Credit: Mattel

Welcome to Web3, Dominic Toretto. On May 22nd, Mattel, the global toy company behind brands like Barbie, will release the next series of its Hot Wheels digital collectibles set. And this one comes with a unique Hollywood flair: 19 cars based off vehicles in The Fast and The Furious movie franchise, with a special prize for those who collect all 19.

According to the website for the drop, each pack will cost $20 and include up to six Fast & Furious digital collectibles: three common, two uncommon, and one rare or super rare. The collectibles will include Toretto’s 1970 Dodge Charger and Brian O’Conner’s 1969 Camaro. Those who collect all 19 cars by September 13th will be eligible for a physical die-cast Suki’s S2000 from 2 Fast 2 Furious.

This special Hot Wheels drop is the sixth in the Garage Series, which started on the WAX blockchain before moving to Mattel’s proprietary NFT marketplace, which runs on Flow. Previous drops have sold out within minutes, indicating the high demand for these types of digital collectible launches.

For those looking to collect all 19 cars and get the reward, they can buy, sell, and trade their Fast & Furious digital collectibles on that very same marketplace, called Mattel Creations. That market features other Mattel collectibles drops, including the recent Boss Beauties x Barbie collaboration.

Mattel’s Hot Wheels digital collectibles series attempts to bridge the material and digital worlds, combining a collector’s mindset with a nostalgia for past times. Its peer-to-peer non-fungible token marketplace launched less than a month ago and has gained traction in the weeks that followed its debut.

Mattel Makes Waves in Web3

Ever since the launch of its Hot Wheels Garage Series on the WAX blockchain, Mattel has been making noise in Web3. From partnerships with top NFT collections to the launch of its own non-fungible token marketplace, the global toy company has shown it has staying power in the next generation of the internet and appeal to non-crypto natives. Here are three stories involving it and Web3.

First, less than a week ago, Mattel toy brand Barbie partnered with Boss Beauties to launch a digital collectibles set that highlighted females in the workplace. The two companies based the collectibles on the over 250 occupations highlighted in the Barbie brand, including astronaut, artist, and beekeeper.

Next, less than one month ago, Mattel debuted its peer-to-peer NFT marketplace, which it said was the next phase in its Web3 strategy. The marketplace lets users trade digital collectibles within wallets generated on the website, a departure from its previous direct-to-consumer platform.

Lastly, 11 months ago, Mattel partnered with NFT brand “Cryptoys” bring its toy brands into Web3. Cryptoys is a native NFT company that seeks to offer metaverse-ready animal NFTs and other toys.

Mattel’s upcoming Fast & Furious digital collectibles set will likely appeal to fans of the movie franchise and comes as hype is starting to build around the last movie release. Rarity Sniper will report on any further developments in the story.