Memeland Reveals Artwork for Captainz NFT Collection

Credit: Memeland

Memeland is back in Web3 news. Today, the Hong-Kong-based meme-focused website from 9GAG just revealed the artwork behind its popular ‘Captainz‘ NFT collection.

The art features clean, animated human PFPs with solid backgrounds and a simple design. Though not everyone on Crypto Twitter was impressed, some said the NFTs should be thought of as ”starter” characters that evolve over time.

The Web3 studio, which has over 200 million followers on social media, announced via Twitter that the PFP NFTs will soon have tradable and swappable traits from creators, brands, and other NFT collections. It added that holders of Captainz NFTs will be “Franchise Owners,” and “Traitables Protocol and TraitStore” are coming soon.

Regardless of what Twitter thinks about the art, Memeland has certainly made good on its pledge to “under-promise and over-deliver“ in Web3. The studio currently has three NFT collections that have enjoyed success in recent months. Here are Memeland NFT collections in the order that they were released:

  • June 2022. Memeland’s first NFT drop was a collection called “YOU THE REAL MVP,” consisting of 420 NFTs that were released via blind auction for mint price for 5.3 ETH. The NFT has utilities like staking and guaranteed allowlist spots for future collections. Its current floor price is 50.6 ETH.
  • July 2022. The Potatoz NFT collection was a free mint that consists of 9,999 dynamic NFTs that evolve with time. In August, a mechanism called “grow-to-win” let Potatoz holders stake their NFTs for the chance to win weekly prizes. Some of the prizes included gym memberships, iPhones, and free McDonald’s for a whole year. Its current floor price is 1.5 ETH.
  • January 2023. Its final collection is Captainz, which consists of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs that feature rarity-powered traits inspired by memes, pop culture, and pirates. Its current floor price is 5.5 ETH.

The art reveal from Memeland comes at a time when other projects like Azuki’s ‘Elementals‘ have been criticized heavily for their artwork. Memeland art reveal, however, appears to be just the beginning of an ever-evolving character. This dynamic approach to PFP NFTs could eventually win over the hearts of even the most vocal haters online.

NFT Projects Launch Despite Bear Market

Memeland has had some of the most successful NFT projects this year, and if the studio’s luck continues, these projects could be considered blue chip NFT collections one day. But it isn’t the only studio that’s been building in Web3, despite the bear market. Let’s look at what one of Memeland’s competitors, Yuga Labs, has been up to this year.

First, on April 6th, Yuga Labs collaborated with Gucci for a drop of 3,333 KodaPendant NFTs at the price of 450 Apecoin, or around $1,900 at the time. Each KodaPendant can be worn in Yuga Lab’s Otherside metaverse, and buyers will also receive a physical KodaPendant sometime in 2023.

Next, in March, Yuga Labs introduced its “Legends of the Mara” 2D collection-based strategy game. The game comes with a new NFT collection called “Vessels,” which could be claimed by holders of Otherdeeds NFTs.

Finally, on March 15th, Yuga Labs’ Sewer Pass NFT holders were able to burn their NFTs for “Power Sources” as part of an NFT collection called “HV-MTL” (Heavy Metal). The collection soared on OpenSea, eventually reaching a floor price of 2.7 ETH, or around $4,445 at the time.

As the NFT space evolves, Web3 studios are doing what they can to bring value to their communities. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll be on the lookout for any new updates from Memeland.