MVP Patrick Mahomes to Drop 15,000 NFTs in September

Credit: Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes, two-time Super Bowl and NFL MVP, is venturing into Web3 again. This time, he plans to drop a 15,000 non-fungible token set in September, the sequel to an NFT collection that he launched in 2021. This set, called ‘Museum of Mahomes II,’ will offer IRL rewards for holders, including physical trading cards and autographed jerseys and footballs.

Digital agency D-O-M, which shepherded the first Museum of Mahomes drop, will take the lead with this one as well. While most details about this drop, including the art, price, and blockchain, are still unknown, one detail is available: A portion of the proceeds will go to Mahomes’ charitable foundation which benefits underprivileged youth in the United States.

In a statement, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback said that he is excited to offer physical replicas to holders of the first collection and do some good in the world with this foundation as part of the Musuem of Mahomes II release.

Although outlets have reported that Mahomes is launching his own NFT marketplace, Rarity Sniper was unable to confirm this detail. The above Tweet from the quarterback links to a standalone site, however, with an email sign-up. If so, he would be one of the first athletes to do so, as most drop NFT collections through third-party marketplaces.

Mahomes, a 27-year-old player out of Texas Tech University, has taken the sports world by storm, leading the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl appearance in 50 years in 2019. The team was victorious in that appearance, as well as another three years later. In 2020, he signed the third-largest known contract in sporting history.

NFTs Big with Athletes

While many industries have taken to the world of Web3, few have done so with as much gusto as the sports industry. And that includes individual athletes, who have taken to launching their own collections and engaging with their fan base in entirely new ways. Here are three stories involving athletes and Web3 from the past seven months.

First, three weeks ago, an exclusive Alexia Putellas NFT sold for $300,000. The NFT came through a partnership between the renowned Spanish footballer and blue-chip collection World of Women. The artwork, called ‘Empowerment,’ embodies the values of both Putellas and World of Women, including female empowerment and promoting equal opportunities.

Next, seven months ago, basketball legend Scottie Pippen celebrated his legacy with an NFT drop called ‘SP33 Collection.’ The set contained two types of NFTs: metaverse-ready sneakers and mystery boxes, which the team said would contain prizes down the road. There were also several IRL perks available, including a “hometown tour” with Pippen.

Lastly, also seven months ago, boxing star Manny Pacquiao signed an agreement to become an ambassador and honorary chairman of two NFT companies: START Inc. and NFT One. The move put Pacquiao at the forefront of two companies committed to NFT innovation in Asia and the Pacific.

NFTs allow athletes to connect with their fanbase in entirely new ways, so perhaps it is unsurprising that so many athletes have launched collections. Rarity Sniper will follow up on this Mahomes story and report back if needed.