Mythical Games & the NFL Drop Player NFTs for the Super Bowl

Credit: NFL Rivals

The Web3 gaming studio Mythical Games is launching a series of NFT player packs ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl LVII.

The “Super Bowl LVII Rivals” cards include 22 new NFTs of NFL players from the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, including both team’s star quarterbacks — Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes, respectively.

Besides showing team support, holders will be able to use their NFTs in Mythical Games’ eSports game “NFL Rivals,” which is expected to drop later this year. They can also use the NFTs to build team rosters and compete in challenges.

The executive producer of NFL Rivals, Billy Schautz, said that Web3 gives fans unique ways to interact with their favorite players. Mythical Games hopes the launch of the new NFT player cards will also build excitement around its upcoming eSports game.

The presale for the the Super Bowl LVII Rivals NFTs is now open for Mythical Games’ Rarity League NFT holders, and will open to the public on Friday. The collection consists of 1,000 units that are sold in packs of three for the price of $49.

While last year’s Super Bowl was dubbed the “Crypto Bowl” for the number of Web3 advertisements and crypto projects that aired, this year, Fox Sports said the network wouldn’t be broadcasting any crypto commercials. But that clearly isn’t stopping Mythical Games or the NFL (which is also launching an NFT avatar collection with Reddit for the big game) from continuing to innovate in the space.

The NFL Keeps Experimenting with Web3

The NFT collection from Mythical Games for this Sunday’s Super Bowl should come as little surprise to folks who follow the NFL and Web3. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve written several stories about the league investing resources in nascent technologies. Here are some of the most recent headlines about the NFL in Web3.

First, for the 2022-2023 season, the NFL broadened its NFT ticket stub program to include 101 regular season games. It also stipulated that all teams in the league were required to offer NFT ticket stubs to at least three home games in order to test-and-learn more about the technology.

Next, on December 1st, the NFL announced it was partnering with Fortnite to launch a persistent metaverse experience called “NFL Zone.” The virtual space will feature mini-games, team maps, and other challenges.

Finally, in another Web3 move for this year’s Super Bowl, the NFL is hosting its first-ever virtual Super Bowl Concert in the Roblox metaverse. The concert will feature hip-hop star Saweetie and take place in Rhythm City, a musical-themed gaming experience built by Warner Music Group.

Sports leagues around the world have hopped on the Web3 bandwagon, and the NFL is no exception. Even if there won’t be any crypto commercials at this year’s Super Bowl, the new NFTs from Mythical Games should be enough to excite some Web3 fans. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for any developments in the story.