New Trademarks Filed for Mercedes-Benz’s Web3 Push

Credit: MyCarVoice

Mercedes-Benz, a German luxury automotive company, has filed five trademark applications related to the metaverse and non-fungible tokens. The trademark applications, filed on December 14th, cover a host of Web3-related materials, including NFT-backed media, cryptocurrency trading, and virtual merchandise.

Judging by the language in the applications, the automotive company plans to sell metaverse goods and possibly set up a store for virtual goods in the metaverse of its choice. Among the digital goods it might sell are clothing, footwear, headwear, sunglasses, glasses, sports equipment, and smartwatches. It may also issue virtual vehicle parts.

The five trademark applications pertain to the Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes brand names and three of its lines of cars: S-Class, G-Class, and Maybach. Mike Kondoudis, an intellectual property attorney, first revealed the news in a December 19th Tweet. The language of the applications reveals that Mercedes-Benz may also be interested in issuing its own cryptocurrency.

This is not the company’s first foray into the world of Web3. In January of 2022, it launched an NFT collection that saw several artists interpret the Mercedes G-Class. The collection had some IRL rewards attached: Holders had the possibility of winning a physical G-Class vehicle if collective sales of the collection topped $1 million.

As well, Mercedes took part in a series of Formula 1 NFT drops that occurred at various points in the F1 2022 season. That drop, which focused on the global F1 fanbase, delivered NFT ticket stubs to fans for them to trade and collect on the now defunct marketplace of FTX.US. The NFT ticket stub approach is popular with sports leagues that believe NFTs can serve as mementos to events.

Car Companies Enter Web3

While many industries have entered Web3 this year, few have done with as much enthusiasm as the car industry. At Rarity Sniper, we have written countless stories in 2022 about car companies filing trademark applications or launching NFT collections. Here are three.

First, two months ago, Nissan officially entered Web3 with five trademark applications. Those applications related to some of the brand’s most iconic cars, including the GTR, SKYLINE, and Z. The language in the applications suggests Nissan will release NFT collections and possibly open an NFT marketplace.

Next, four months ago, W Motors, a car manufacturer in the Middle East, launched an NFT collection. Holders had the possibility of receiving several IRL rewards, including a tour of the W Motors factory. The collection served as preparation, as well, for the launch of the W Motors metaverse experience.

Lastly, six months ago, Lotus, a British automotive company, teamed up with Ripple to release an NFT collection. According to a statement from the car company, Lotus did the design of the art for the NFTs personally and as a tribute to the pioneering spirit of the sports car brand.

Mercedes-Benz’s trademark applications indicate that companies are still entering Web3, even during this crypto winter. We’ll have to wait and see what it plans to do with the applications, but given the company’s reputation, there’s a high likelihood it will be successful.