Nissan Files 5 NFT Trademarks for Iconic Car Models

Credit: Chicago Auto Show

Nissan, a top Japanese automaker, officially entered Web3 with five trademark applications filed on October 27th. The trademark applications relate to the brand’s most iconic car models, including the GTR, SKYLINE, and Z. According to the applications, Nissan plans to release NFTs and NFT-backed media, possibly open an NFT marketplace, and create NFT storage solution software.

Mike Kondoudis, a trademarks attorney based in Washington D.C., originally reported the news on Twitter November 1st. The categories for the trademark applications are IC 009, IC 035, and IC 042. “IC 009” relates to downloadable electronic files for authenticating NFTs, “IC 035” for a provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of non-fungible tokens, and “IC 042” for providing temporary use of non-downloadable software.

Some of the types of files NFT could authenticate under the trademark applications are video, images, artwork, tickets, audio, sounds, music, and trading cards. Those possible use cases give Nissan a broad framework from which to create the NFT collections. Other car manufacturers have experimented with NFTs, creating collections that rely on multimedia.

Nissan has not revealed its specific plans yet. Although trademarks are a good sign that a company is stepping into Web3, it does not guarantee that a company will create something using them. Given the depressed state of the NFT market, many companies that have filed applications this year may be waiting until the market heats up again.

Nissan is also not the first car manufacturing company to file Web3 trademark applications this year. Ford recently did so in September, and other car companies have gone a step further, creating NFT collections for fans of the brands.

Filing Web3 Trademarks a Popular Move This Year

As excitement has built over Web3 this year, many companies have started inching into the industry. They usually do so by filing Web3 trademarks first. This move allows them to signal intentions to customers while not releasing a product quite yet. Here are three stories of companies doing just that.

First, there is Moët Hennessy USA. About a month ago, this leading importer of alcohol brands filed five Web3 trademark applications. The applications covered the terms “Moet,” “Moet & Chandon,” and “Dom Perignon.” They were related to NFTs and the metaverse.

Second, there is Jack Daniels. About a month ago, the Tennessee whiskey company filed three trademark applications relating to NFTs. The subject matter included barware, virtual beverages, virtual clothing, collectibles, and digital wallets.

Third and finally, there is Paramount Pictures. Two months ago, the movie studio filed two trademark applications to expand the “Mean Girls” intellectual property into the Web3 space. The applications related to NFTs, crypto collectibles, and Web3 software.

Nissan’s trademark applications show that it has interest in the Web3 space. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our ears to the ground for further development in the story.