Nike Airdrops 106,454 Digital Posters to .SWOOSH Members

Credit: Nike

After the successful launch of its platform .SWOOSH in November, Nike continues to lead the charge of fashion brands in Web3. Today, the company announced the launch of the ‘Our Force 1′ (OF1) series of digital assets that will be available to select users on May 8th.

To kick off the drop, .SWOOSH airdropped 106,454 free Our Force 1 posters to its first-generation members. The unique posters, which depict one of Nike’s most classic shoes the Air Force 1, are broken into two categories that include ‘The New Wave box’ and the ‘Classic Remix box.‘

The Classic Remix box contains pairs that were released between 1982 and 2006, and the New Wave box hold pairs from 2007 to the present. There will also be boxes that contain AF1s that were co-created by the .SWOOSH community for the “Your Force 1” challenge, as well as a super-rare 1:1 white Air Force 1 NFT.

The posters were first voted on by the .SWOOSH community in November 2021. They include four categories: Heritage, Cultural, Innovation, and Regional. Nike DEO and SC+1 partners will be teaming up with .SWOOSH Session tour stops for the airdrop.

The exact number of airdropped NFTs is a reference to the T9 encoding of the word “NIKE.” The OF1 posters will also be linked to Nike’s Our Force 1 collection drop, which .SWOOSH claims will be a “revolutionary” experience. Eligibility for the future NFT drop will be determined by the posters received.

The airdrop is meant to be a thank you to the first generation of .SWOOSH members who signed up before April 12th. However, not all members will be rewarded: only 1/3 of members will be airdropped the special edition poster, according to Nike.

The Our Force 1 boxes will also will be available for the public starting May 10th, but users must have an account on the .SWOOSH website to be eligible. Each OF1 box is priced at $19.82, a nod to the year the now-legendary AF1’s were first released.

The boxes will not be revealed until after May 10th, and holders have the option of not opening the box if they choose. Besides the digital posters, the OF1 collection that drops May 8th will feature a mix of physical and digital collectibles that include NFTs, sneakers, and other memorabilia.

Nike Is Winning the Race in Web3 Fashion

Today’s airdrop from Nike is exciting news for members of .SWOOSH who signed up before April 12th, but it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Nike has been leading the push into Web3 for some time now. Last year, we reported that Nike lead all fashion brands in Web3 by generating a whopping $185 million in revenue from NFT sales. Here are some more stories about Nike in Web3.

About three months ago, Nike announced the #YourForce1 contest, a challenge to let members design a virtual sneaker and storyboard, which Nike judged and chose four winners. The winners received $5,000 each, and the chance to work directly with Nike designers to create a pair of 1:1 digital shoes. The results of that contest are now part of Nike’s most recent drop.

Next, four months ago, Nike and RTFKT teamed up with Division Street to release an augmented reality helmet NFT collection. The AR helmet collection consists of 291 digital wearable helmets from the University of Oregon’s football team, ten of which are signed by the co-founder and chairman of Nike Phil Knight.

Lastly, as mentioned previously, in November, Nike launched the .SWOOSH web3 platform and ecosystem. The project was designed by Nike Virtual Studios, and people were able to register through an access code that was passed out at live events around the United States.

When it comes to Web3 fashion, Nike is far ahead of the pack. This latest airdrop and NFT collection from .SWOOSH could add more fuel to the brand’s already blazing Web3 fire. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll be on the lookout for any new developments in the story.

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